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Pre-open Market Forecast – We'll tell you what's driving the market and where it's going. This detailed research is posted before the opening bell.

Morning Trading Video – We analyze the early market action and we highlight the stocks you should trade. We describe the search criteria used to find the stocks and we why each price pattern is so attractive.

S&P 500 Buy/Sell Signals – Monitor our S&P 500 buy and sell signals in real-time on multiple time frames. We use these to gauge momentum and strength. You'll see our S&P 500 day trades in the chat room.

Live Chat Room – Join our trades. We post all of our stock entries and exits in real-time. During big market moves you can expect play-by-play analysis along with valuable market insights. Members post their entries/exits and this is a laser-focused group of seasoned professionals.

Weekly Swing Trading Video – We record our weekly swing trading video Wednesday night. It starts with market analysis and it concludes with the best option strategy for current market conditions. We review ALL of the trades from the prior week and then we use Option Stalker searches to find the best stocks to swing trade now. Each of the highlighted stocks has its own game plan.

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Option Stalker is our comprehensive solution for traders who want it all. Our world-class trading platform features powerful searches, seamless trade execution and the research mentioned above.

Here’s how we find the best stocks

  • server
    Our state-of-the-art trading technology is called Option Stalker and it is only available through select brokers.
  • chart
    Our database includes proprietary search variables that you can't get anywhere else.
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    Quickly create, save and modify your own custom searches with our easy-to-use search matrix.
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    Use our favorite searches – they'll quickly become your favorites, too.
Option Stalker

Unlimited commission free stock and option trades are included

  • Proprietary buy/sell signals
  • Powerful pre-configured searches
  • One-of-a-kind search variables
  • Custom search matrix
  • Option analytics
  • Advanced charting (100+ studies)
  • 2-click option order entry
  • Multi-leg spread orders
  • 1-click stock order entry
  • OCO orders
  • Diagonal alert lines (Day and GTC)
  • Position manager
  • Live chat room
  • …and much more
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