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March 10, 2022
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Tutorials January 26, 2021

Everything You Need To Be A Trader

If you're searching "how to trade options", this video is for you. You need to first nail the market, find great stocks with Option Stalker Pro, and worry about options last. My job is to...

Author avatar Peter Stolcers
Tutorials February 2, 2021

How To Get Started with OneOption

Our day trading stock and swing trading options trades are found using OneOption searches. These searches look for as many favorable characteristics as possible and our Custom Search engine helps us find stocks with relative...

Author avatar Peter Stolcers
Intro Series March 10, 2022

Why Market First?

Market First More than 75% of all stocks follow the market. If you get this puzzle piece right your chances of success increase dramatically. If you get it wrong, your chances of failure are great....

Author avatar Peter Stolcers
Intro Series March 10, 2022

Relative Strength & Weakness

Stock Second Many novice traders skip the first step. They read a headline or they fall in love with a stock and they are oblivious to market conditions. We did not fall into that trap....

Author avatar Peter Stolcers
Intro Series March 10, 2022

Options Last

Everyone wants to dive right into options trading. They learn a few strategies and they read a few stock headlines and they feel they have everything they need to make a fortune. Getting the market...

Author avatar Peter Stolcers
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