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Turn chaos into clarity by following these steps. You will learn so much and it won’t cost you a penny.

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We want to make getting started with OneOption as easy as possible. We teach a systematic trading approach and we provide the tools to exploit it. We want you at top speed during the free trial. Here are the steps to get started.

1     Learn The System

Successful traders are always willing to learn new things. Congratulations on taking this first step. When you complete this section you will understand the system and why it works. The deeper you dig, the more excited you’ll get. The suggested reading culminates with our free e-book and that’s when all of the puzzle pieces will come together.
Start Here: Read our Introductory Series

We are excited to take this journey with you and it all starts here. To help you learn what we do at OneOption, we've created a four-part Introductory Series. Read these articles carefully. They are simple and describe the foundation for everything we do.

Article 1. Our Trading Methodology
Study The e-Book

You're ready for a deeper dive. Read our e-book. By the end you will have a firm grasp of how we trade.

Read e-Book
Watch Our Tutorial Videos

There are hundreds of hours of video available to learn how to trade Relative Strength & Weakness. Learning to trade is a journey that takes time. We can show you the path.


2     Meet The Traders

At this stage you will have a solid understanding of the system we trade. Next we’ll show you the tools we use and then we’ll introduce you to our traders in the chat room. By the time you have finished your free trial you will see the system you learned in action, you’ll have proof that it works and you’ll be ready to try it yourself.
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Create an account to start your free trial. At that point, you will have full access to our Trading Suite, including the Chat Room, Option Stalker web-app, and Option Stalker Pro.

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Join the Chat Room

Enter the Chat Room via your Account Dashboard. If it's after hours, say hello. Our members are laser-focused. You'll get to know them by how they trade. You do not have to post and more is not better. Featured Traders are seasoned pros and they appear in red. Proven Traders have demonstrated their skill by consistently posting great trades and their user names are orange. Pay close attention to these trades.

Enter Chat Room
Read The System

Dive into The System, your exclusive gateway to mastering our trading strategies, crafted meticulously by Pete, our founder. This members-only resource is your comprehensive guide, laying out the mechanics of our proven system, elucidating why it works, and teaching you how to navigate it effectively while avoiding common mistakes. The System is an evolving document, continually enriched with in-depth analysis and examples.

Read The Systsem
Explore the Platform

Get to know the software. You'll find links to Option Stalker Pro, Option Stalker, and the Chat Room in your Account Dashboard. To download Option Stalker Pro, following the directions.

Read Manuals

3     Join Us

At the end of the free trial you will have an overview of the system and an understanding of why it works. Members in the chat room are living proof that the system can be learned and replicated. Your next step is to decide which product is right for you.

During your entire experience, our primary goal will be obvious. OneOption is serious about trading and we do everything in our power to help our members succeed.
Compare Option Stalker & Option Stalker Pro

If you actively trade during the day and you have access to a computer, Option Stalker Pro is the way to go. It is a robust trading platform and is loaded with extra features. If you can’t sit in front of a computer to trade, Option Stalker is your solution. We took the best elements out of Pro and we created a mobile app. The real-time searches, trade signals and charts are all you need to make good trading decisions.

Compare Products
Select a plan that’s right for you

We offer a variety of products and terms to suit your needs. Regardless of the plan you select, once you are a paid member you will have access to our educational library. If you are on a tight budget and you are not sure if our system is a good fit, start with a monthly subscription to the chat room. Make sure you are not following, and that you are taking full advantage of the opportunity to learn.

Become A Member
Never stop learning

Education is our top priority and we give much of it away free. If you don’t become a member, you should exhaust all of our free educational content (the website, the videos, the manual and the e-book).

Paid members have access to our library of articles. It is categorized according to the system we trade and it is easy to find topics that might be of interest to you. This is a work in progress and it could take us years to complete it. Even then, we will still be adding to it. Members also write articles. We have some of the best traders in the business and we have some of the smartest people in the world in our chat room. Programmers, scientists, mathematicians, engineers and CEOs call this home and they share their knowledge.

Explore The System
Bonus: This is How Day Traders Use OneOption's Trading Suite

Use these quick guides for ideas on how to begin using Option Stalker and Option Stalker Pro for Day Trading.

How Day Traders Use Option Stalker Pro How Day Traders Use Option Stalker
Bonus: This is How Swing Traders Use OneOption's Trading Suite

Use these quick guides for ideas on how to begin using Option Stalker and Option Stalker Pro for Swing Trading.

How Swing Traders Use Option Stalker Pro How Swing Traders Use Option Stalker

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best way to get started is to read through the entire website. We’ve included an incredible amount of educational content to teach our systematic approach. You’ll know what it is, why it works and how our tools help you exploit the edge that we trade. The Start Here section will lead you through the process step-by-step.

If you have been trading for more than a couple of years and your technical analysis skills are strong, learning the system might not take more than a few months. You already have the raw skills, you just need to learn the decision-making process and our tools. If you are new to trading you can expect this to take at least two years and you will need to dedicate at least 20 hours a week to learning. The majority of your time will be spent learning basic trading skills. Trading is difficult and it takes time. We suggest that novice traders find a broker with no minimum commission charges. Only trade 1 share of stock at a time until you get your win rate above 75% for two months. You will make mistakes and you want them to be small before you increase your size. 

The system is excellent and we are not selling it, we are teaching it free. Once you learn it you will see that our research and tools are the best way to trade it. You can spend thousands of hours patching together free resources, but they are no match for what we offer.

Yes. We have an extensive library of articles located under The Edge in the top menu. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to explore our website in the Start Here page. Please begin with Our Trading Methodology. We suggest that you read as many of these articles as possible. Some of them are available to the public and some are only available to paid members. You will also find educational videos and our eBook. Annotated charts are posted to the chat room to highlight specific trading patterns. In short, everything OneOption touches has an element of education.

Visit the product pages for Chat Room, Option Stalker, and Option Stalker Pro. They describe everything you need to know to get started using our tools. Additionally, please visit the Pricing Page for a side-by-side feature comparison. Option Stalker Pro is our flagship product and we suggest you read it’s dedicated page and manual carefully to understand it and the system we trade. Together, we highlight all of the features and describe the searches and when to use them and it explains the search variables offered in Custom Search.

In short, if you are an active trader you will want Option Stalker Pro.