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We discovered a powerful trading edge many years ago that worked beautifully. That’s all we wanted to trade. No one was collecting the data we needed to find these stocks, so we built our own search engine within Option Stalker Pro. Its Custom Scanner matrix is incredibly easy to use and you won’t find these search variables anywhere else. Continue reading to learn how to use it to trade!

Nail The Market

If you get the market right, your odds of success increase dramatically. Our market opinion and our confidence in it drive all of our trading decisions. We trade S&P 500 futures, but we primarily trade stocks with relative strength because of the edge. Here’s how our members use Pro to stay on the right side of the action.

Get Your Bearings

Each morning before the open we post our market forecast in Option Stalker Pro. This is your road map! We discuss the fundamental and technical factors that are having the greatest market impact. Our swing section provides our longer term market bias and our confidence in it. This forecast should drive your swing trading decisions. The day trading section puts the overnight move into context. We describe the likely trading scenarios and we highlight the most promising ones. This will help you plan your trading day. View example report

The 1OP Indicator

The 1OP indicator was developed to day trade the S&P 500, but it has many uses. When the trigger line crosses down after a big spike, it signals a potential market drop. When the trigger line crosses up after a deep trough, we can expect a market bounce. When we have price confirmation (trendline breach, horizontal breakout or a reversal pattern) we trade S&P 500 futures. 1OP works on longer time frames and it works for stocks. It is predictive, not reactive. Learn more about the 1OP indicator and how to use it to trade S&P 500 futures.

Timing with 1OP

When 1OP has a cross, a new cycle begins. The magnitude and the duration of the cycle help us gauge market strength. These cycles also help us determine when we should enter a stock trade and when we should exit. Members keep a 5-minute chart of the SPY up at all times so that the 1OP indicator is always in view. When 1OP spikes we take gains on our long stock positions. When it crosses down, wait for the bearish cycle to run before buying a stock. The market will typically retrace during the bearish cycle and that will allow us to gauge the stock’s relative strength. If the stock remains strong, we will buy it on the next 1OP bullish cross for the SPY. Now we have a strong stock and a market tailwind to fuel the move.

Trading 1OP Signals

1OP trade signals for the SPY that agree across longer time frames (D1, H2, H1) are very reliable. If these signals also agree with our market forecast, swing traders can start searching for stocks. Remember, the market is the biggest piece of the trading puzzle and it is critical to get it right. Day traders can look for 1OP confirmation across shorter time frames (5-minutes, 15-minutes and 30 minutes). If we have buy signals across all of those time frames, you should focus on bullish stock searches for day trading. Once you have your market bias, it’s time to find the best stocks.

Trade Relative Strength & Weakness

Our market signals and our market forecast are reliable, but not infallible. Instead of trading the S&P 500 we use that market bias and we dramatically increase our odds of success by trading stocks with relative strength and weakness.

Relative Strength

This is the “edge” that we reference throughout our website and it is how we can identify institutional order flow. In a sentence, when the market goes down and the stock goes up, it has relative strength. You can learn all about it in The Edge section of our website. When stocks with relative strength also have other desirable traits our probability of success increases even more. Here are a few examples.

Trade Signals

When the 1OP indicator for a stock and the 1OSI indicator (Relative Strength) for a stock agree, a Trade Signal is generated (B/S). These Trade Signals can be seen on the charts across all time frames. A blue arrow represents a buy, a yellow arrow represents a short. When a stock has buy signals across multiple time frames (H1, H2 and D1) the signal is strong.


When a stock has relative strength and it is in a strong trend, the odds of success increase. Our favorite momentum indicator is ADX. In Option Stalker Pro we can search for stocks that have both of these traits across any time frame and we can add multiple time frames as well.


A stock that has relative strength is even more attractive when it also has a technical breakout. In Option Stalker Pro you can search for compression breakouts across any time frame. There are trendline breakouts that you can search for across any time frame. Swing traders might search for a stock that has relative strength and a breakout above a downward sloping trendline on a D1 basis. A day trader might use a similar approach, but use a breakout above a downward sloping M15 trendline. As you can see, the combinations are endless. In the next section we will look at some of our favorite searches and when to use them.

Option Stalker Pro Scanner

Option Stalker Pro includes pre-configured searches for swing traders and day traders. These stocks have many excellent qualities and we highlighted a few of our favorite bullish searches in this section. When members buy these stocks during a bullish SPY cycle, the odds are in their favor.

Swing Traders: PopBull

This is our favorite swing search and we check it at the start of trading each day. It looks for stocks that are breaking out of a recent D1 compression and horizontal resistance on heavy volume. Since the stock has been compressing we are catching it early in the move and these breakouts tend to be sustained. The Pop+Bull search displays stocks that were on PopBull the previous day. This search gives us a second chance to buy these breakouts.

Swing Traders: Strong After Earnings

Have you ever watched the initial earnings reaction and then forgotten about the stock? A few weeks later you notice how strong it is and you wish you had kept it on your radar. This search looks for stocks that reported in the last two weeks and that gapped higher on the news. The stock is still holding those gains and moving higher on relative strength. This search is a great way to catch those movers.

Day Traders: Heavy Buying

This is one of our favorite searches right on the opening bell. It looks for stocks with extremely high volume, relative strength and a breakout above the prior day’s high. If the stock is also breaking through technical resistance and it has stacked green candles we jump on it.

Day Traders: Relative Strength 30

When the market has a temporary dip, this is our go to search. It looks for stocks that have heavy volume and that remained strong during the pullback. When the market finds support, these stocks will shoot higher. This search is simple and very effective.

Day Traders: Red Hot/Bull Run

These are momentum searches. It takes a while for that strength to build so we suggest using them an hour into the trading session. Each search uses different variables to find momentum. RedHot is very selective. You won’t see many stocks on this search, but they will be excellent. BullRun will typically have more results, but not an overwhelming number. When members buy these stocks during bullish SPY cycles the odds of success are very high. There are many other great pre-configured searches, but let’s show you how to create your own.

New Features

Advance Your Trading With Modern Tools

Automated Trendlines

Introducing our game-changing feature: Automated Trendlines. Say goodbye to manual chart drawing and hello to precision trading. With our cutting-edge rules, Option Stalker Pro automatically draws key trendlines on daily stock charts to help you track key levels of support and resistance monitored by institutional investors. Experience the ease and effectiveness of effortlessly tracking these levels to stay in sync with the Smart Money to advance your trading potential.

Custom Table Columns

Boost your trading with Custom Table Columns and unlock unparalleled customization capabilities. With this new feature, you have the power to tailor the columns on your scanners and watchlists to your exact specifications. Seamlessly include indicator values for multiple timeframes like Trade Signal (B/S), Strength vs SPY, LRSI, 1OVol, and daily SMAs to instantly grasp the Relative Strength/Weakness of a stock in a single glance, without diving into charts right away to make swift, informed stock selection decisions.

Rich Indicator Alerts

Experience the power of Rich Indicator Alerts, the ultimate tool for optimizing your trade entry and management. With this groundbreaking feature, you have the ability to create custom alerts based on stock indicator values, tailored to your unique trading strategy. Set up alerts that trigger on advanced indicator values, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the market. Whether it's multiple rules or multiple symbols, this feature offers unparalleled flexibility. Build alerts effortlessly from a list or chart, empowering you to closely track a stock and patiently wait for the perfect conditions to align and take control of your trading success like never before.

AVWAP Institutional Analysis

Stay ahead of the game and make informed trading decisions by harnessing the insights provided by AVWAP. This indicator, Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price, allows you to anchor VWAP at custom locations or significant dates, such as the start of the month, quarter, or earnings releases. By doing so, you gain access to crucial price levels closely monitored by institutional investors. For day traders who track institutional money and seek to capitalize on relative strength and weakness, these price levels are indispensable considerations. Elevate your trading strategy and align yourself with the forces shaping the market landscape.

Plus All Of The Essentials


Trade Signals

View green and red arrows on the charts for all time frames.


Advanced Charting

Over 100 technical studies and four proprietary indicators.



Set it and forget it: Add horizontal and diagonal alert lines to charts.


Order Entry

Trade from the chart and place complex options orders.



Lists display buy/sell signals (M5-D1) for each stock.


Earnings Dates

Important dates are shown on charts and used in searches.


Sector Strength

View Buy/Sell signals for sector ETFs and drill down to sector stock performance.



Keep learning with access to our ever-growing members-only lessons and content. Priceless.


Option Analytics

IV and OI charts. Search for liquid options and earnings plays.

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What Users Say About Pro

As a new trader I was lucky to find OneOption on my first stop. The information I have learned from here has built a solid foundation for my trading journey and not to mention has saved me thousands in learning-curve “tuition” fees! What I most love about OneOption is the community of traders and support all collectively using our market edge to find stocks, the learning process doesn’t stop each day new ideas and mods are made to the system to help improve trading and user software experiences. 

When I found OneOption, I was at a point in my trading career where I was making money but it wasn’t consistent or predictable enough for me to be able to sleep at night knowing I had found a career in it. Over the last nine months, that has changed. OneOption has taken me to the next level and now I am consistently profitable and I can see this as being a lifelong career for me. OneOption has everything one may need.

From the amazing Option Stalker Pro program to the professional traders in the chat room who are willing to take time out of their day to help answer questions and guide anyone on the path to success. If I could only pay for one service it would be OneOption by a long shot. Everyone in this community has essentially changed my life by showing me the right path to success, and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

OneOption has given me the framework and the foundation to truly begin my trading journey. I stumbled around with different strategies from August to December 2021. Once I committed to embracing OneOption and the strategy taught (January 2022), I believe the steep learning curve of day trading has been lessened.

The strategy and software are proven and utilized by the pro traders here every day. It has allowed me to focus on improving my bad habits and trading psychology issues instead of drowning in the sea of “strategies” out there. I am nowhere near where I’d like to be, but it’s been a blessing to find OneOption and the group of traders that contribute to it. I HIGHLY recommend. 

Option Stalker Pro is an amazing scanning tool, but it’s so much more than that. The OneOption community makes you a better trader if you put the work in. How does this make you a better trader you ask. You can watch pro traders make a trade in real time. This isn’t about following them into the trade, but looking at the charts as to why they took that trade, how they found the trade, what on the chart made them exit.

The other amazing thing about OneOption is the numerous scan options and the ability to make your own custom scan. I have learned more here in the first month than I have done in other communities. This process works, but it takes time to learn it. I can’t recommend this product any more!

Peter and the other fantastic pro traders in the OneOption group have helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a profitable day trader. Their keen understanding of the market and no nonsense approach in the trading chat room together with the wiki have been invaluable. For me the most important aspects is the ability of the group leaders to cut the noise in the chatroom and their focus on the core principles of relative market strength/weakness.

To get the most of this group I would recommend following the chat room very closely as there is a wealth of knowledge and interpretation that can be found nowhere else. Since following this group and going through the educational material that Pete graciously provides I have a much more in-depth understanding of the markets. I still have a long way to go, but I fully trust that OneOption will lead me on this journey.

OneOption has helped me to make informed trades. I have struggled in the past with trying to base trades off of profit and with OneOption I am working to be more focused on the price action and then trends. This has been beneficial to help take emotion out of trades and make more informed decisions. I still feel that I am early in the process of becoming “good” at trading but I feel more now than ever that I am on the right path.

The trading chat room has been great, especially when you make your own interpretation and see confirmation come from the more experienced traders. There is a wealth of knowledge here and no shortage of willingness to share. Thanks for all you do Pete. 

OneOption is by far the most reliable trading method I have used. It has a clear edge over all other methods I have used effectively. It’s the most if not the only way a retail trader should trade. The only systematic approach to making money in any market, and the only one to be mastered to achieve long term success and financial freedom. I am have turned 8-figure profits in 2023 alone based on OneOption, which constitutes 80%+ of my 2023 performance. Thank you Pete and Featured Traders.

Before I came to 1OP my recorded w/r averaged 50% with a PF of .9. During my membership, I still have doubts it was even possible to have a 75% w/r. Because that’s basically getting 1 loss for every 3 wins. In order to do that, EVERY pick has to be methodically correct with the correct interpretation of the market. After 4-5 months of constant attendance in OneOption, not only do I see 75% wr within reach, I can see myself going even higher.

If you are serious about trading the right way, just show up for yourself and start improving with OneOption. Thank you to everyone participating in chat every day.

The combination of the software and chatroom has significantly upped my trading game. From initially thinking trading could be a fun hobby I’m now seriously considering transitioning to full time and making a living out of it. The subscription pays for itself in less than one trade, the red traders in the chatroom are absolutely incredible, I aspire to get my skill level as close as possible to where they are. The daily market commentary from Pete not only sets you up for the day but helps you learn to form your own opinion on the market. Now that I’ve found it, I wouldn’t trade without OneOption.

I’ve actually started trading and OneOption was my first “real chatroom” and I’m gonna say it’s the best thing I could have found as my starting point. The knowledge and research I’m getting from Pete and other professional daytraders is priceless. This just feels like cheating, I trade with people who are in this business longer than I’ve been alive. There would be a lot of meaningless mistakes that I would’ve made as a new trader, but thank’s to OneOption and the systematic approach we use I didn’t need to make those mistakes, and I’ve saved a lot of money. Pete is the best teacher I’ve ever seen.

I have been investing for close to 30 years and have always had a strong interest in the financial markets but have never taken the plunge into trading as I was busy starting a family and building a business. My wife recently went back to work after 10 years as a stay at home mom and my business is on autopilot. My intention is to sell it in the next 2-3 years as I am pretty tired of what I am doing. I do have an exit plan for my business but the only question for me is what will I do after I sell my company.

I thought and thought about it and went back to the one thing that I love…stocks! Trading will allow me to spend time and help with my children while my wife is busy at work. I can literally do it from anywhere and most importantly I won’t have employees (pure bliss!!). Its been about 18 months since I started my trading journey and it has been choppy from the beginning. I read countless books, joined paid and free Discord groups, and tried different strategies that I thought could work. Guess what? None of them worked consistently nor made any sense to me..not a single one.

While browsing through Reddit I found the Real Day Trading sub which led me to the OneOption YouTube channel and finally OneOption. I fell in love with the simple straightforward approach. It makes complete sense to me!! It is logical, rational, and most of all very simple to learn. I still have my ups and downs but much more ups than downs. Pete and his team are fantastic! They are responsive when you ask questions and the desire to keep improving their product (software/education material) is inspiring. 

OneOption is simply a great real-time trading room environment run by Pete Stolcers who has deep experience trading stocks, ETFs, options and futures. Pete’s daily market comments are insightful and give a great overview of key market events, key support/resistance levels to watch, as well as ongoing commentary throughout the day with his feel of when to increase or decrease risk.

I’ve traded with Pete and other members for about five years and can tell you the trade ideas are timely, actionable and members endeavor to post their trades in real-time as fast as possible to share the ideas with the rest of the room. The Option Stalker platform gives you an edge. It’s powerful and can connect to several brokerage platforms for seamless order entries, includes multiple built-in screeners for bullish and bearish plays, custom screening, charting plus a full spectrum of standard and proprietary indicators to assist with timing of technical entry and exits.

While the primary focus is on day trading, the research, platform, chat room and trade ideas can also be utilized by swing traders when market risk/reward allows for good setups. It’s a great room to learn how to trade from a professional trader and other community members. It is also an environment where you can share your trade ideas that you found using the Option Stalker systematic approach.

OneOption is a treasure trove of no-bullshit trading knowledge. While there are no shortcuts to becoming a full time trader, the info taught by Pete and the OneOption chat room can make that journey significantly easier. I am only 6 months into my trading journey, and in that time Pete and the OneOption community have shown me that being a day trader isn’t just a day dream. It is something that I can and will achieve.

The OneOption trading chat is home to some of the top, most profitable day- and swing traders in the world. Some of them (Pete included) have decades of experience, and OneOption is their daily office. Working with Pete and the OneOption traders has transformed my trading. If you’re looking for a professional, work-focused environment to take you to the next level, or want to learn to trade from the best, there is no place I recommend more.

OneOption has completely enabled me to reshape my whole trading plan from start to finish. Before coming to OneOption I did just okay but it wasn’t enough to take it to the next level by far. OneOption Is built off of trading RS and RW stocks compared to the market, it sounds so simple that it just couldn’t be that easy. It really is though in essence, especially with the system that OneOption that enables you to find these stocks with the criteria you want with just a couple clicks.

This community really brings it all to you in order to succeed after finding the right stock the rest is on you and that is where the psychology plays a role, and the pros in the room will teach you how to keep your emotions in check, as well as give tips on how to first start out. A great example of this is instead of paper trading, trade with just one share and build off of that until your win rate improves. Trading that one share allows you to keep your emotions out of the way of your trading.

I can now say that after I graduate college I will be able to make trading a day job. I dedicate a tremendous amount of this success to this community where I still continue to learn more each and every day from all the incredible members within it, especially the pro traders. Thank you guys as me and the rest of the traders could never thank you guys enough for the time you put in.

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From your Dashboard, click the download button and Option Stalker Pro will install on your computer. It is a desktop software application and it is NOT browser based. To launch it, look for the OneOption logo on your computer desktop and click it. The log-in credentials are the same for Option Stalker Pro and the website.



With an Option Stalker Pro subscription you also receive access to Option Stalker and the chat room. View our pricing page for more details and to compare features.

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OneOption has negotiated this special rate with Tradier Brokerage – $10/month unlimited commission-free stock and option trades. Tradier Brokerage does not restrict data like other brokers do and I have always been able to reach their support desk. From my experience Trader Brokerage typically opens accounts within 24 hours.

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The Option Stalker Pro manual is available here. It is a fantastic resource and it describes the searches in detail. We highly recommend spending time reviewing this manual. There are tools that will help your trading.

Option Stalker is a Windows based software program and Mac users need to have a Windows virtualization program like Parallels installed on the computer. Many Option Stalker members are successfully using Mac computers with these virtualization programs.

Alternatively, Mac users can use an Apple solution called Boot Camp that installs Windows on the hard drive. This will allow you to run Windows based applications like Option Stalker. To learn more please click this link to Apple’s website.

Yes. Option Stalker has excellent order entry and multi-legged spreads are a snap. Just click Trade at the top or bottom of Option Stalker. The pop-up will default to the stock in your primary chart and it will immediately call up an option chain. If no options are selected the order will assume you are trading stock. For more information on placing orders, please refer to the manual.

Visit the product pages for Chat Room, Option Stalker, and Option Stalker Pro. They describe everything you need to know to get started using our tools. Additionally, please visit the Pricing Page for a side-by-side feature comparison. Option Stalker Pro is our flagship product and we suggest you read it’s dedicated page and manual carefully to understand it and the system we trade. Together, we highlight all of the features and describe the searches and when to use them and it explains the search variables offered in Custom Search.

In short, if you are an active trader you will want Option Stalker Pro.

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