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Our Founder

OneOption's founder, Peter Stolcers, started his career over 30 years ago in the Chicago Board of Trade 30-year bond pit. Since then he has been the Senior Vice President for a large brokerage firm, one of the top traders for a proprietary trading company and has built a state-of-the-art trading platform: Option Stalker. Having seen it all and tried it all, these experiences forged his beliefs on how to trade stocks and options successfully, and inspired him to share his systematic trading approach with you.

Pete Stolcers, Founder

A Letter From Pete:


When I look back at my life I want to know that I’ve helped people who share my passion for trading.

The vast majority of my educational content is free. I could charge thousands of dollars for it, but I don’t. Many of you will learn from me and you’ll never become a member. As long as my lessons are making you a better trader, you are helping me reach my goal.

The chat room is driven by traders who have mastered the system. It can be learned and replicated and you are all living proof that it works.

Many of you will become members and I’m excited to have you on the team. I’ll never stop improving my offerings and I will always provide a professional environment where you can take your trading to the next level.

If you “summit”, please help other aspiring traders.

Peter Stolcers, Founder


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