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Chat Room

$79 $199 $499
  • Follow the Pros
  • Track the Trades
  • Analyze the Picks
  • Get Trading Tips
  • S&P 500 signals
  • Learn, learn, learn
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Option Stalker

$99 $249 $699
  • Trade “The System” from anywhere
  • S&P 500 buy/sell signals
  • Stock buy/sell signals
  • Search for the best stocks
  • Track your favorite stocks
  • View real-time charts and data
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OS + Chat

$159 $399 $999
  • Ultimate solution for active traders
  • Everything in Option Stalker and Chat
  • Two ways to stay on top of the action
  • Plus post in chat during market hours
  • Track trades and posts from the pros
  • Run searches and find great trades
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Option Stalker Pro

$239 $599 $1499
  • Ultimate solution for full-time traders
  • Everything in Option Stalker + Chat
  • Most powerful desktop platform
  • Trade anywhere - don’t miss a beat
  • Many new ways to find great trades
  • Best way to turn chaos into clarity
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Member Reviews

The combination of the software and chatroom has significantly upped my trading game. From initially thinking trading could be a fun hobby I’m now seriously considering transitioning to full time and making a living out of it. The subscription pays for itself in less than one trade, the red traders in the chatroom are absolutely incredible, I aspire to get my skill level as close as possible to where they are. The daily market commentary from Pete not only sets you up for the day but helps you learn to form your own opinion on the market. Now that I’ve found it, I wouldn’t trade without OneOption.

OneOption has helped me develop a systematic approach to trading that will provide me a clear path to being a profitable trader. The platform, Option Stalker Pro, provides new traders with the necessary tools needed to master the strategy “Relative Strength/Relative Weakness.”

I found OneOption last September after struggling as a new trader in another trading room chat that focused on momentum trading. Having lost most of my capital chasing dreams without any idea of what I was doing I found this group and slowly but surely my trading has improved to an amazing degree. I’ve spent the last 6-7 months studying 12-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and trading one share/one contract until profitable for three months in a row which happened about two weeks ago. With all of my newfound knowledge so freely given here I began increasing my trading size last week with amazing results. My win rate has climbed from around 50-60% last August to 75-85% now, and I am hitting my income goals x 2 daily with today being my first four-digit day. The entire system here is truly a gift. I still cannot believe it myself at times. Thank you so much to everyone in the chat. Pete and the other red/orange traders have taught me so much although I don’t participate much in the chat yet I hope to one day.

OneOption has opened my eyes to relative strength/relative weakness edge. The chat room is invaluable by providing a like-minded trading community who is all on the same page. Not only is it a great source of trade ideas that conform to my trading plan, but Pete and the featured traders offer an enormous amount of rich education that is the number one reason I have turned consistently profitable.

This is the real deal to learn about relative strength and relative weakness. The tools, education and scanners are the best I have seen. They don’t look fancy but that does not matter. They give you what you need to make your living and that’s what matters! 

I didn’t come across OneOption until about a year and a half into my trading. Before that, I had a very low win rate and no consistent success. After a few months of learning from Pete and the other professionals in the chat room, and getting familiar with the tools available in the Option Stalker Pro program, everything has changed. My win rate is now over 80% each month and I am building my account with confidence and consistency. OneOption has completely changed my trading for the better!

OneOption has helped me to make informed trades. I have struggled in the past with trying to base trades off of profit and with OneOption I am working to be more focused on the price action and then trends. This has been beneficial to help take emotion out of trades and make more informed decisions. I still feel that I am early in the process of becoming “good” at trading but I feel more now than ever that I am on the right path.

The trading chat room has been great, especially when you make your own interpretation and see confirmation come from the more experienced traders. There is a wealth of knowledge here and no shortage of willingness to share. Thanks for all you do Pete. 

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Chat Room
OS + Chat
Laser-focused Chat Room
Live trades by Professional Traders
Trade Log
Top Symbols Lists
Relative Strength/Weakness Scanners
Live Audio Broadcast
Question Area
Bookmark Messages
After-Hours Guidance
Pre & Post Market Discussion
Posting during market hours
Chat Search
Market Signals M5-D1
Market Analysis
Pre-open Market Comments
Major indexes
Global Markets
Sector/Group/Stock Performance
Upcoming Economic Releases
Preconfigured Scanners (General)
Pre-open Gainers
After Hours Gainers
Earnings Tonight
After Earnings
Preconfigured Scanners (Swing)
Royal Flush
Buy Into Earn
Strong After Earn
Breakout/down Strong/Hard
Breakout/down x2
Bullish/Bearish Reversal
Golden/Death Cross
Bullish/Bearish SMA Cross
Preconfigured Scanners (Day)
Heavy Buying
Relative Str30
Bullish/Bearish Explosion
Red Hot/Ice Cold
Breakout/down Plus
Short Squeeze
M15 Gain/Loss
Bull/Bear run
Simultaneous charts
Chart types
Proprietary indicators
Buy and Sell Arrows
Technical studies
Symbol overlay
Extended trading hours
Trendline Tool
Alert lines
Trade from charts
Earnings dates (past and projected)
Auto trendlines
Fibonacci lines & Other Drawings
Custom Scanner Features
Click to select (no coding)
Pre-configured variables (binary)
Name/Save Searches
Categorize Searches (Bull/Bear)
Edit Searches
Export search results
Linked to charts
Custom Scanner Variables
Trendlines (20 and 60 period)
Trendline breaches (20 and 60 period)
Trade Signals
Trade Signals (new)
Relative Strength
Sector Strength
Compression (Out)
Trendline breaches (20 and 60 period)
Compression (in)
Heavy Volume
Range % (90/10)
Heikin Ashi (reversal 1)
Heikin Ashi (reversal 2)
Heikin Ashi (continuation 1)
Heikin Ashi (Continuation 2)
Stochastic Momentum Index
Option Liquidity
Weekly Options
Option IV (range)
Stock price (range)
Heavy Volume Today
20-day Average Volume (range)
Stock volatility (range)
% 60-day RangeD
Earnings Date (projected)
Earnings Date (previous)
Pre-Earnings Bull
Pre-Earnings Bear
Bullish/Bearish Climax Long Term
Pre-Earnings Today
Post Earnings Bull/Bear
Only ETFs
Stock > Prior High
Stock < Prior Low
Stock > SMA (20,50,100,200)
Stock < SMA (20,50,100,200)
Short Squeeze
Fundamental Analysis
Company description
Key Ratios
Fundamental Rating
Revenue and income by quarter
Earnings Analysis
Buy Into Earnings Scanner
Strong After Earnings Scanner
Dates on chart (past and projected)
Search for dates (past and projected)
Pre-Earnings Table (expected move)
Earnings Reaction Charts (4 qtrs)
PreEarnings Search
Post Earnings Movers
Options Analysis
Option Liquidity Rating
Pre-Earnings options statistics
Max Pain indicator
IV Chart (end of day)
Greeks (end of day)
Open interest chart
Built-in Intrinio Real Time data
Consolidated Tape Data
Optional Broker-Linked Real Time Data
Unlimited Watchlists
Buy/Sell Signals M5-D1 In List
Custom sorting
Sector ETF list
Auto Chart Flipping
Daily Tag List
Explosion Alerts
Price Alerts
Trendline Alerts
Custom Alerts
Trade Entry
Trade through selected brokers
In-app trade entry
Chart trading
Complex option orders
Order Management
Position Screen
Staged orders
Mobile-Friendly Web App
Always at your fingertips
Fully synced - 100%
Native Push notifications
Desktop App
Desktop Experience
Native Multi-monitor support
Symbol Linking between windows
Full access to members-only content
Customer support
first priority

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Visit the product pages for Chat Room, Option Stalker, and Option Stalker Pro. They describe everything you need to know to get started using our tools. Additionally, please visit the Pricing Page for a side-by-side feature comparison. Option Stalker Pro is our flagship product and we suggest you read it’s dedicated page and manual carefully to understand it and the system we trade. Together, we highlight all of the features and describe the searches and when to use them and it explains the search variables offered in Custom Search.

In short, if you are an active trader you will want Option Stalker Pro.

You will find a detailed comparison of our products and features on the Pricing Page.

We suggest starting with a shorter term subscription because we do not offer refunds. If you like our trading technology after using it for a month or two, subscribe to a longer term and save money. The days you have left on the old subscription will be added to the new subscription.

No. We offer a two-week trial. If you are still not sure if our products suit your needs, sign up for a month. The term is short so there is no long term commitment. We suggest that you start with a shorter-term subscription.

Shorter term subscriptions give you a chance to try us out. When the shorter term subscription expires you will be able to take advantage of longer term cost savings. We’re glad that our product and services are working out, but we do not apply credit from previous payments.

Please contact us by clicking Help. We will move any remaining time over to the new subscription. It will bill at the new rate and duration. If you wait for your current subscription to expire, please remember to cancel the auto renew for the old product before signing up for the new subscription.

Yes. You can cancel the auto-renew at any time in the Account area and continue to use the product until it expires.

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