What is 1Option?

1Option was founded in 2006 by me - Pete Stolcers. I'm a seasoned veteran in the options industry with 30 years of experience and I trade full-time. The options industry is filled with hype and my goal is to provide an honest, transparent resource for option traders. My sole focus is performance. That's why I put my P&L on my homepage. Option Buyer and Option Spreader are designed for working professionals who want us to provide comprehensive trading research. Option Stalker™ is a powerful search engine designed for traders who want to find their own high probability opportunities.

How can I learn more about Option Stalker™?

I have not provided much information about Option Stalker™ in this FAQ page because I have dedicated an entire library of videos to it. Everything you need to know is in those videos. Option Stalker™ offers near real-time data from the IEX exchange. It is called near real-time because it is updated every minute and because it is only from one exchange. If you are using a five minute chart you will not notice much of a difference. A 15 minute chart or longer is usually identical to a chart that uses consolidated data. Traders who have brokerage accounts with Tradier or Interactive Brokers can interface through the API and they can get real-time consolidated quotes. You can also trade through Option Stalker™ through those brokerage APIs.

Do you offer a trial for Option Stalker™?

Option Stalker™ has a one-week trial that costs $1 and there is a limit of one per person. You will have full access and near real-time data. If credit card security is your concern, please know that 1Option does not collect credit card information. The transaction is processed by one of the nation's largest transaction gateways (Authorize.net) and your credit card information is as secure as possible. The fact that you were willing to spend $1 tells me that you are serious. During the week you will find some incredible trades using Option Stalker™ and you will see great trades posted in the chat room.

Why is the software called Option Stalker™?

We are directional traders and that means we have to patiently wait for conditions to line up. Everything starts with the market and my comments and futures trades will keep you on the right side of the action. The Market Rating and Market Signals in the chat room will also help you. With the wind at your back (market) you can target stocks using the Option Stalker™ scanner. It will put you right at the point of ambush. Pounce on the opportunity and share the trade with the pack in the chat room.

What strategies are traded in Option Buyer?

Option Buyer only buys calls and puts. This is the easiest option strategy conceptually and the limited risk makes it the most popular strategy. The problem is that very few traders (or newsletters) can produce consistent results. The key is to know when to trade. Time decay is always eating away at the premium and the timing has to be perfect. I insist on having the wind at my back (market momentum) and I look for a specific high probability pattern. We buy monthly options with more than 6 weeks of life. All trades and all position updates are posted before the open along with daily market comments.

How often does Option Buyer trade?

There are not a set number of trades. I trade when conditions are right. If my confidence is very high I will have a maximum of 4 positions on. When the probability is low we might be in cash. You can look at the track record and get a feel for the frequency. Trades might last a few days or a few weeks.

What strategies are traded in Option Spreader?

Option Spreader sells out of the money call and put credit spreads. These are also known as vertical spreads and bullish put spreads and bearish call spreads. We only sell on one side of the stock (not both) and we have a directional bias. I focus on stocks with liquid options and I like to sell weekly options when possible. Option Spreader focuses on near term expirations to capitalize on time decay. There will never be more than four positions on at one time. If we can buy spreads back for pennies... we do. It is common for us to look for a return of 25% - 50%. We are going close to the money and this is an aggressive strategy. All new trades and all position updates are posted before the open with daily market comments.

How Often does Option Spreader trade?

Unlike Option Buyer, there is always a good spread to sell. We will have many trades to look at and we will stick to our entry price. It will be common for us to submit 3 trades and to only get filled on 1 of them. Once the trade has been executed the rest is easy. We set the stop and we let time decay work its magic.

Are the prices in the track record accurate?

Yes. I encourage members to post their fills using Live Help and I post a time & sales screen shot when the options trade at our price. Most members are able to improve on the track record. During the day we might hit a target and the stock continues to push higher. Many members ride the trade and they exit at a much higher price. The return percentage for Option Spreader is based on the position risk (that is also the margin requirement). If we sell a spread that has $1 between the strike prices for $.25, we have to put up $.75. That is the difference between the strike prices less the credit received. If the options expire worthless we made a 33% return ($.25/$.75).

Do you offer a free trial for Option Buyer and Option Spreader?

I do not offer a trial for Option Buyer and Option Spreader. I post the track record on my home page so that you can see every trade. You can also click "Try It Now" on the home page and access the transcripts that are more than 3 weeks old. This allows you to get a feel for the format and hindsight will help you gauge the accuracy of the research.

Do you offer auto trading?

1Option does not offer auto trading - there is no need for it. Every trade and every update is posted before the market opens. You will have plenty of time to enter the order. Exact entry prices, targets and stops are provided. The website is mobile friendly so you can view it on your cell phone. I don't want robots, I want members who are involved in the trade and I hope they learn how to do this themselves.

Do you send e-mail alerts or text alerts?

No, all of the information is posted on the website before the opening bell. You must come to the website to get the information. Consider setting an alarm on your phone at 9:20 AM ET and that will serve as your alert.

Do you provide exact instructions for Option Buyer and Option Spreader?

Every trade includes detailed analysis with an annotated chart. Exact entry and exit (target and stop) instructions are provided. You will have all of the information you need.

When are new trades posted for Option Buyer and Option Spreader?

All new trades and position updates are posted before the market opens. Come to the website before the open and you will NEVER MISS A TRADE.

Is your website mobile friendly?


Will I have an issue entering trades because of your large member base?

No. We have never had an issue with entry or exit due to liquidity for Option Buyer and Option Spreader. I only trade the most liquid options like AAPL, NFLX, SPY and QQQ.

How do I get support?

Please click the green Live Chat banner (flashing in right margin). I will answer your questions during market hours.

Who writes your market commentary?

All of the research you see is done by me. I spend hours each day analyzing the market. Everything starts with the market so I'd better get it right.

Can I do this part-time?

Yes. If you have 5 minutes to check the chat room each morning and 5 minutes to enter trades you can make Option Buyer and Option Spreader work. That is less than 1 hour a week. Option Stalker™ is great for swing trades and many members use it after hours. The searches can be so targeted that you will only have to sift through a few stocks.

Should I get both Option Buyer and Option Spreader?

Yes. Members who have both products will have a constant flow of great trades. Sometimes conditions are good for selling credit spreads and sometimes they favor option buying.

Is the subscription set to auto-renew?

Yes. You can cancel the auto-renew at any time in the Account area and continue to use the chat room until it expires. You can also update your credit card information in the Account area.

Do you offer any training?

Yes. I have a library of videos dedicated to educating traders. Please click "How to Stalk" on the main menu. Option Buyer and Option Spreader have annotated charts and a detailed analysis of the trade so you will learn my process.

How much do I need to get started?

Our model account for Option Buyer and Option Spreader is based on a $10K starting balance. Less is viable but you should have at least $5K.

Do you offer refunds?

1Option does not offer refunds. Before you purchase a product you will have ample opportunity to scroll back in the chat transcripts and to verify prior trades. If you are not sure if you want to join, hold off and monitor the track record on the home page. I post ALL trades. Option Stalker has a $1 Trial that lasts one week and you will have full access to the software and the chat room. After one week you will know if it suits your needs.

What is the basis for your trades?

All of my trades come from Option Stalker™. I've spent an incredible amount of time and money developing my searches, systems and indicators. I am a directional trader and I believe that is the best way to make a lot of money. My last 30 years have been spent on the trading floors of Chicago, the corner office a large brokerage firm, trading options for a hedge fund and trading my own capital. My market analysis is extremely accurate and Option Stalker™ helps me zero in on the stocks. Every trade has a game plan and it is outlined in my comments. In short, I have this process down to a science.

Why is 1Option so successful?

30 years of experience, countless hours of research, a state-of-the-art technology and a great deal of patience. The last ingredient is perhaps the most important. I won't trade if I can't predict the market or the stock.

If your research is so good why don't you just trade?

  1. I trade my own capital and that is my primary focus.
  2. My subscription revenue for the last 10+ years has financed my system programming and research (a bottomless money pit). That was why I initially shared my research.
  3. I am doing my research anyway and Option Buyer and Option Spreader are zero maintenance after the open.

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