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Option Stalker’s indicators, trade signals, searches and charts were designed for our system. We’ve packed all of the essentials into an easy to use mobile application.

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Option Stalker Is Powerful and Efficient

Follow the dots. When they’re all green, momentum is strong.

Trade Signals

Our 1OP and 1OSI proprietary indicators generate trade signals when they agree.


Quickly find the best stocks using our favorite searches.

Custom Scanners

Create powerful scanners with our extensive list of unique variables.


Track your favorite stocks using our trade signals and indicators.


View live charts with our proprietary indicators and trade arrows.

Real Time Data

Live quotes from two exchanges provided by Intrinio.

We've Made It Easy

Here's how you use Option Stalker

Step 1. Market First - Wait For the Signals

Our SPY trade signals are always in sight. Day traders should wait for the first three time frames to agree and swing traders should wait for the last three time frames to agree. More is better and when they all agree we call that a “Royal Flush”. It’s a sign that the market is in a strong trend. You can trade S&P 500 futures or SPY options, but there is a huge advantage to trading stocks. We discuss this “edge” throughout our website.

Bull Put Spread Custom Scan

Step 2. Quickly Find Strong Stocks

When the SPY trade signals are green, use our favorite searches to find the best stocks. PopBull is one example. It finds compression breakouts on heavy volume and it is our most popular swing search. Option Stalker includes our favorite swing searches and day trading searches and each has a bearish counterpart for shorting. BullRun and RedHot find intraday momentum, relative strength and heavy volume. Your odds of success will be the highest when both the SPY and the stock have “Royal Flushes”.

Bull Put Spread Custom Scan

Step 3. Create Powerful Custom Scanners

Option Stalker includes the same powerful search engine found in Option Stalker Pro. You won’t find these search variables anywhere else. Search for trendline breaches, compression breakouts, momentum, heavy volume, trade signals, liquid options and relative strength across all time frames. Name and save your favorite searches and categorize them (day/swing, bull/bear) so that you can find them easily. When you view the results, look for the green dots.

Bull Put Spread Custom Scan

Step 4. Look For These Chart Patterns

Our real-time charts include buy and sell arrows and three proprietary indicators: 1OP, 1OSI and 1OVol. Long-term technical breakouts on heavy volume provide the best backdrop for day trades and swing trades. A blue ring around the dot is a sign of heavy volume for that time frame. Nice tight, orderly price action, long-term up trends and lots of green dots will increase your probability of success. To learn more about 1OP and 1OSI, please click here.

Bull Put Spread Custom Scan

Give Your Trading A Boost

The Essence of OS Pro

Option Stalker is built with the essentials of Option Stalker Pro, equipping you with what you need to get on the right side of the market.

Tools Built For A System

The suite of tools have been crafted and selected to support you in trading a specific trading system: relative strength and weakness.

Unparalleled Search Ability

Option Stalker preconfigured scanners and the custom scann builder help you find trades with speed and accuracy.

Web Based & Mobile

The platform can be used anywhere: desktop, tablet, and mobile - so you can trade and prepare for trades.

How it Works

Daily Bulletin

Start each day with market comments from our founder. Use these to guide your trading decisions.

SPY Header & Navigation

The first thing you will notice is the SPY header. As we say at OneOption, Market First! In Option Stalker, we’ve built this tenet into the application. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always have a view of the market: Green = Buy Signal, Red = Sell Signal, Blue Ring = Heavy Volume.

Move through different areas of Option Stalker with the bottom navigation: Charts, Search, Lists, and even Chat for those with an OS+Chat or Pro subscription.

Let's explore each of these.

Lists & Preconfigured Scanners

At the heart of Option Stalker are Lists, with the first section dedicated to OneOption’s preconfigured scanners. These are built using a collection of indicators, including OneOption's proprietary 1OP indicator and trade signals. Form your market bias with the SPY trade signals in the SPY header, then display relevant scanners using the more icon in the upper right. As we can see from the SPY header, the market is strong. Let’s find stocks with relative strength.

With a type selected, the list of OneOption scanners appears. Each are the result of years of research and testing and have been carefully selected for their inclusion Option Stalker. Continue on to view the results of one...

Scanner Example: PopBull

Here are the results of one favorite Swing scanner: PopBull. You can toggle Option Liquidity to refine lists further for stocks with high volume. Along with symbol names and price data, OneOption trade signals indicate stock strength or weakness for each timeframe. Click on any of the trade signals to view the chart.

Let's explore how to use charts & indicators to perfrom technical analysis and evaluate relative strength or weakness on Option Stalker.

Charts & Indicators

Charts are fed with IEX and BATS data by Intrinio. OneOption trade signals are in the upper right. These are also your timeframe selectors. The primary and secondary chart areas display price action and indicators. Swipe to alternate between OneOption's 1OP indicator and 1OSI & 1OVol.

Perform technical analysis with both line and candlestick charts. If your criteria are met, add the symbol to a watchlist. When finished, use the arrow to proceed to the next symbol in the list.

Custom Scanner

Filter stocks with unlimited variable combinations using Option Stalker's custom search engine. Click the plus to create a new search. We will search stocks with a bullish trade signal, strength vs SPY, and heavy volume to match the SPY header above.

Display the search results and click each symbol to analyze charts and save to watchlists as before. Clicking Lists in navigation returns you to your previously viewed search, list or scan. A second click takes you back to List Home.

Chat & Professional Community

Find additional picks in our Chat. Users with OS+Chat or Pro subscriptions will find the Chat Room conveniently accessible inside Option Stalker. Our community is close and wants you to succeed. Learn from them, especially the Featured Traders in red.

For settings and other useful features, review the application Menu.


Option Stalker is designed for active stock and options traders. Quickly get your market bearings with our analysis and trade signals and find the best stocks using our powerful search engine. That is our goal.

We didn’t cram a thousand features into a tiny screen; your broker has already done that. We kept our interface clean so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your next trade. This guide will show you how to use Option Stalker.

OneOption is a treasure trove of no-bullshit trading knowledge. While there are no shortcuts to becoming a full time trader, the info taught by Pete and the OneOption chat room can make that journey significantly easier. I am only 6 months into my trading journey, and in that time Pete and the OneOption community have shown me that being a day trader isn’t just a day dream. It is something that I can and will achieve.

Pete and the OneOption system, including the Option Stalker platform elevated my trading to the next level. Before OneOption, I was a decent trader, but inconsistent. While my overall P&L was profitable one look at the wild swings told me that eventually, it would go red.

Pete’s method and resources (1OP indicator in particular) focused my trading and immediately started paying dividends. Profits were reliable month after month, and I was quickly equipped with a strategy that would work in any trading environment.  

Since joining OneOption I have not had a single month in the red, and do not foresee one in the future. During my time here I have worked with Pete, who is always working to improve his method and platform, in helping refine the offering.  

I give this community, especially the trading chat room, my highest possible recommendation. In a space filled with scams and amateurs, Pete has created a place where traders can actually learn a trade and get closer to that ultimate goal of financial independence. 

OneOption has opened my eyes to relative strength/relative weakness edge. The chat room is invaluable by providing a like-minded trading community who is all on the same page. Not only is it a great source of trade ideas that conform to my trading plan, but Pete and the featured traders offer an enormous amount of rich education that is the number one reason I have turned consistently profitable.

After spending several years casually trading, I found OneOption in the summer of 2021. Since joining this incredible group, I have learned more in six months with Pete than in my entire trading career. In a sea of gamblers and misinformation, Pete has built a community that cuts out the BS to provide some of the best insight into market conditions and strategies.

This group has helped me remove the get-rich-quick mentality, and has provided a comprehensive toolset to become a consistently profitable trader with realistic expectations. The common theme here of risk management and consistency is a breath of fresh air in the trading world, and I have this community to thank for my progress.

OneOption is by far the most reliable trading method I have used. It has a clear edge over all other methods I have used effectively. It’s the most if not the only way a retail trader should trade. The only systematic approach to making money in any market, and the only one to be mastered to achieve long term success and financial freedom. I am have turned 8-figure profits in 2023 alone based on OneOption, which constitutes 80%+ of my 2023 performance. Thank you Pete and Featured Traders.

Even though I have years of investing and trading experience, I have found that the OneOption education and community has helped my trading immensely. The trading strategies here, the “edge” that is taught, as well as the level of professionalism and camaraderie in the Chat Room is amazing…and not something that you can easily find or expect in a trading community.

After trading for 2 and a half years, and paying a lot of money for my ‘education’ with little or no returns, I was recommended to the OneOption community. The premise is so simple, yet massively overlooked – Market First, Relative Strength / Weakness stocks to the market.

Since joining, I’ve only had red days when I’ve strayed from the strategy, it’s kept me honest and I love the all-business approach in the chat room – no floating of random ideas, no idol chit-chat. Just traders discussing trades that relate to the core premise.

A wealth of information on the website and on the wiki. The Option Stalker Pro software with the signals it produces can provide a massive edge in guiding a trader into trades – or even avoiding bad trades. I only wish I found this community 2 years ago and I could have saved a ton of money.

OneOption has completely enabled me to reshape my whole trading plan from start to finish. Before coming to OneOption I did just okay but it wasn’t enough to take it to the next level by far. OneOption Is built off of trading RS and RW stocks compared to the market, it sounds so simple that it just couldn’t be that easy. It really is though in essence, especially with the system that OneOption that enables you to find these stocks with the criteria you want with just a couple clicks.

This community really brings it all to you in order to succeed after finding the right stock the rest is on you and that is where the psychology plays a role, and the pros in the room will teach you how to keep your emotions in check, as well as give tips on how to first start out. A great example of this is instead of paper trading, trade with just one share and build off of that until your win rate improves. Trading that one share allows you to keep your emotions out of the way of your trading.

I can now say that after I graduate college I will be able to make trading a day job. I dedicate a tremendous amount of this success to this community where I still continue to learn more each and every day from all the incredible members within it, especially the pro traders. Thank you guys as me and the rest of the traders could never thank you guys enough for the time you put in.

The community has encouraged and guided me to becoming a better trader. I have learned countless things here, that I wouldn’t have known about to even begin trying to understand if I hadn’t joined. There are some really great traders here, and (OS) Options Stalker is an incredibly powerful platform. The searches set you up to find the best stocks that match with the comprehensive system taught here, that are in-play.

The system has been recently updated (06/17/22) with new features like a mobile app, and even more custom searches. There is a huge community of traders both on Reddit and in the chatroom, and a lot of people have created truly ambitious and amazing projects that keep coming out month after month. The result is a community that keeps on giving in terms of updates to the platform, new concepts and ideas, and new ways to learn.

I tried a couple different groups before this one, and I found this one to be the best one out there. I have gone on an amazing journey with the group and I do believe that with hard work, following the system in place here, and using the Options Stalker platform, traders stand a far better chance at becoming consistently profitable professionals than with any other group out there.

When I found OneOption, I was at a point in my trading career where I was making money but it wasn’t consistent or predictable enough for me to be able to sleep at night knowing I had found a career in it. Over the last nine months, that has changed. OneOption has taken me to the next level and now I am consistently profitable and I can see this as being a lifelong career for me. OneOption has everything one may need.

From the amazing Option Stalker Pro program to the professional traders in the chat room who are willing to take time out of their day to help answer questions and guide anyone on the path to success. If I could only pay for one service it would be OneOption by a long shot. Everyone in this community has essentially changed my life by showing me the right path to success, and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

The OneOption trading chat is home to some of the top, most profitable day- and swing traders in the world. Some of them (Pete included) have decades of experience, and OneOption is their daily office. Working with Pete and the OneOption traders has transformed my trading. If you’re looking for a professional, work-focused environment to take you to the next level, or want to learn to trade from the best, there is no place I recommend more.

The combination of the software and chatroom has significantly upped my trading game. From initially thinking trading could be a fun hobby I’m now seriously considering transitioning to full time and making a living out of it. The subscription pays for itself in less than one trade, the red traders in the chatroom are absolutely incredible, I aspire to get my skill level as close as possible to where they are. The daily market commentary from Pete not only sets you up for the day but helps you learn to form your own opinion on the market. Now that I’ve found it, I wouldn’t trade without OneOption.

Peter and the other fantastic pro traders in the OneOption group have helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a profitable day trader. Their keen understanding of the market and no nonsense approach in the trading chat room together with the wiki have been invaluable. For me the most important aspects is the ability of the group leaders to cut the noise in the chatroom and their focus on the core principles of relative market strength/weakness.

To get the most of this group I would recommend following the chat room very closely as there is a wealth of knowledge and interpretation that can be found nowhere else. Since following this group and going through the educational material that Pete graciously provides I have a much more in-depth understanding of the markets. I still have a long way to go, but I fully trust that OneOption will lead me on this journey.

OneOption has given me the framework and the foundation to truly begin my trading journey. I stumbled around with different strategies from August to December 2021. Once I committed to embracing OneOption and the strategy taught (January 2022), I believe the steep learning curve of day trading has been lessened.

The strategy and software are proven and utilized by the pro traders here every day. It has allowed me to focus on improving my bad habits and trading psychology issues instead of drowning in the sea of “strategies” out there. I am nowhere near where I’d like to be, but it’s been a blessing to find OneOption and the group of traders that contribute to it. I HIGHLY recommend. 

Before I came to 1OP my recorded w/r averaged 50% with a PF of .9. During my membership, I still have doubts it was even possible to have a 75% w/r. Because that’s basically getting 1 loss for every 3 wins. In order to do that, EVERY pick has to be methodically correct with the correct interpretation of the market. After 4-5 months of constant attendance in OneOption, not only do I see 75% wr within reach, I can see myself going even higher.

If you are serious about trading the right way, just show up for yourself and start improving with OneOption. Thank you to everyone participating in chat every day.


Option Stalker is our mobile solution for active traders. Create watch lists and custom scanners or use our favorite searches. Our trade signals are displayed across multiple time frames and real-time charts are only a click away. Option Stalker does not include the chat room, but you can add it and save money when you purchase both products. When bundled, the chat room is beautifully integrated with our mobile-friendly web app. Visit the Pricing Page to learn more about Option Stalker and how it compares to our other products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Option Stalker offers the best elements from Option Stalker Pro in a mobile app. It includes our indicators, favorite searches, trade signals and charts with real-time data (not all exchanges). You can create your own custom searches and watchlists. When the SPY signals agree across multiple time frames and the stock signals agree across those time frames, you have the makings for a great trade. Option Stalker does NOT include the chat room, it must be purchased separately. Learn more about how the features compare on our Pricing Page.

If you are an active trader, we suggest going with our flagship product Option Stalker Pro. It is our desktop platform and the subscription includes the chat room and Option Stalker. Though there are simply too many additional features to list here, you can learn about all of them on the Option Stalker Pro product page.

The chat room is a separate subscription, but we do offer a bundled product with Option Stalker and the chat room. You will save money by purchasing them together.

Yes. There is are online manuals for Option Stalker and Option Stalker Pro. The Option Stalker Pro manual is very complete and we suggest that Option Stalker members refer to it for information on the searches and the search variables we offer.

The bid/ask is accurate and very close to the NBBO, but the last price may not match other data sources because the trade might have occurred on another exchange. Volume is also not accurate in terms of an absolute value because the data does not include all exchanges, but we have found that the percentage above and below normal is fairly accurate and that is why we graph volume in those terms. For our purposes, the data source works well. Before placing a trade, we urge you to check the prices and charts with your online broker when placing trades.

Most people believe that data is free. In fact, it is incredibly expensive and tightly regulated. We feel that our data solution works for our application. It allows us to keep our product prices low and it reduces the amount of paperwork required. Your broker offers real-time NBBO data and we suggest confirming the prices and charts when you enter your orders.

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