Chat Room Policies

Chat room access is only available to Option Stalker Pro members. I want this to be the best chat room in the world and these policies will help us achieve that. We are laser focused on making money and this is not a social forum. We hunt for stocks with relative strength and relative weakness. That is our edge and Option Stalker helps us find them. Options take too long to type in so we just post the stock symbol. Personally I prefer to day trade stock. It is much more liquid and I can buy bids and sell asks. If you trade options make sure they are liquid and stick with deep in the money weekly options that have a high delta of .75 or higher.

The chat room is “push” based. Traders are busy entering and exiting positions so we do not have time to answer questions during trading hours. Please keep that in mind. If you have trade questions please post them during non-market hours.

The chat room allows you to mute traders so that you can block those who might annoy you and you can also mute all and select only those you would like to follow. The users in red are Featured Traders. They have mastered the system and you should pay attention to their picks. Bring up charts when they post and try to spot the pattern we trade. The chat room also has a search feature at the top so you can search for symbols or topics.

Once a month chat room members can vote for a member who has made great contributions to the chat room. I want to encourage all of you to help each other. That assistance can be posting great trades, posting useful trading tactics, posting useful resources or assisting other users with Option Stalker features. That member will have 90 days of Option Stalker Pro added to their subscription. I will post the winner each month and thank them for making the chat room great.

Trial takers can’t post during market hours and we will answer your questions when it is closed. During trading hours we are focused on our trading system and you have not had time to learn it yet.


  1. If you post an entry you must post an exit and if it was a gain/loss.
  2. If you did not post an entry, do not post an exit. We don’t want to hear about your big winners.
  3. No politics. I am the only one who can talk politics and I only do it in the context of market impact.
  4. No small talk. All posts should be trade related. If a member posts a symbol you can add supporting technical information. For instance, if I post long AAPL you might add, D1 breakout above 200-day.
  5. If you have any trading questions, please write them down. Take a screen shot of the chart. After the closing bell I will answer questions for 30 minutes each day.
  6. If you post trades it is nice if you mention the searches you are using to find the trades.

New Members

  • If you are on the trial – welcome. We don’t expect you to post and we would prefer that you do not post. We want to keep the chat room clear of clutter so that we can focus on trading.
  • If you have any questions, please click Help at the top of the website. We will answer any questions you have.
  • If you are on the trial it is much more important that you grasp our systematic approach than it is to pick off a few winners. Know that the trades are real. Check the time stamps and the stock price at the time. Your trial is all about gaining confidence and trust.
  • Please refer to the FAQ page. It will answer many of your questions.

The Jargon

Long: This means we bought to open. Entries are very important because we may want to join the trade. If we just used the word bought we would not know if that was a buy to cover a short or a buy to initiate the trade.

Short: This means we sold to open.

Bought for gain/loss: This means we are closing a short position we previously posted.

Sold for gain/loss: This means we are closing a long position we previously posted.

Bidding $X.XX: This means we trying to buy below the current price to close a short position. That price is our target.

Offering $X.XX: This means we are trying to sell above the current price to close a long position. That price is our target.

Stop: This is our stop price and the order has been entered. It is a “working order”.

Mental stop: This is a manual stop. It gives others an idea of where we plan to exit a current trade.

HOD: High of Day.

LOD: Low of Day.

M5: Five minute chart.

D1: Daily chart. We often reference this and it is a sign we would consider for a swing trade.

MA: Simple Moving Average. 200MA is the 200-day Moving Average.

Bullish Hammer: Candlestick pattern.

Bearish Hammer: Candlestick pattern.

Doji: Candlestick pattern.

Bullish/Bearish Engulf: Candlestick pattern.

PDS: Put debit spread (bearish).

PCS: Put credit spread (bullish).

CCS: Call credit spread (bearish).

CDS: Call debit spread (bullish).

OTM: Out of the money option.

ATM: At the money option.

ITM: In the money option.

Lotto calls/puts: Options that expire the same day.

ES: S&P 500 emini.

The Pattern

This is our edge. All stock symbols should have this pattern and all of us should be able to bring up a chart and see the relative strength/relative weakness. The M5 1OSI indicator should be spending most of its time above zero for longs. That is a sign of relative strength. Here are some examples. There is an incredible edge to trading these stocks compared to trading the SPY/ES.