Chat Room Policies

We want this to be the best trading chat room in the world and these policies will help us achieve that.  One thing should be made clear upfront – the purpose of this community is to make better traders.  Everything we do is in service to that goal.  So if you are here to grab some quick stock picks or to just follow trades, then you are not only missing the point, you are also missing out on an amazing opportunity to learn.  We are laser focused on making money and use a very specific strategy to accomplish that goal.  That strategy is proven and on constant display in this room. 


This information contained in the Chat Room is not intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decision, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor. Any performance records posted in the Chat Room by users have not been verified. Trading is very difficult and the results posted by successful traders might not be attainable for most individuals. Any references to overall performance, track records or gains/losses on any trade have not been verified. The information in the Chat Room is only intended for educational use. By using the Chat Room you agree to the OneOption General Disclaimers and Terms of Use.


  1. All posted trades/suggestions must be defensible within the scope of the strategies and methods used here – moderators will remove those that do not adhere to this guideline.  If you believe your trade was removed in error please take up the issue after-hours.
  2. If you post an entry, you must post an exit.  If you did not post an entry, do not post an exit.    Remember there are two reasons for posting a trade – To either teach others or get feedback.
  3. Post trades in a timely manner – if too much time has passed since you entered the trade do not bother posting it.  We don’t need to see “Long AAPL $149.20” when the stock is already at $150.35.
  4. Please try to post as much information as possible about your trade (entry price, option contract price, expiration date, etc.), but do not post your position size (unless a specific challenge calls for it).   And please use the Long, Short and Exit badge buttons so your trade is recorded on the side of the chat.  Capitalize ALL tickers and when possible use the blue A button or by placing a “$” before the ticker.
  5. If you found your trade using any of the searches in Option Stalker please mention which ones you used.
  6. During market hours all commentary on SPY and/or the market direction is restricted to Red/Gold traders.


While we would like to keep the chat as focused on actionable trades as possible, we also recognize that OneOption is a community and as such the chat room is not going to just be a list of trades.  Therefore, please also adhere to the following:

  1. While our Red/Gold traders are here to help you learn, they are also working.  Many of our top traders do this for a living, so please respect their time, especially during market hours.  All questions should be asked after the market closes.  
  2. Please make sure you do your research before asking any questions – there are posts, videos, and a searchable chat history to look through.  We get the same questions asked over and over again and would very much prefer not to have to keep answering them.  
  3. While pertinent commentary is welcome there is no need to give a play-by-play of every move
  4. No small talk, no politics and no religion.  This should be obvious.
  5. Trades that do not meet the minimum requirements can be deleted by Featured Traders and Moderators.


  1. This is definitely the time to ask questions – and the more detailed your question the better.  Example of how to ask – “I went long on AMD at $81.04 (11:15am) the stock did not drop with SPY earlier on in the day and broke out of compression when the market started going back up.  The daily chart for AMD looks strong with a breach of the SMA 50 yesterday, which was confirmed today, and above average volume.  However, at 11:45am AMD began to reverse even though SPY remained strong and pulled-back to VWAP at $80.84 – I held as my thesis remained intact but after it continued to drop I wound up taking the loss at $80.64.  Is there anything I could have done differently?”  Example of how not to ask “I lost money on AMD earlier when RS reversed on me – how do I avoid that? “If you did not post an entry, do not post an exit. We don’t want to hear about your big winners.
  2. While the introduction of other methods/strategies/indicators is highly discouraged here, discussion around those concepts is more than welcome, as long as the conversations are part of an intellectual exercise and not an attempt to introduce concepts that fall outside the scope of this community. Right way – “I know a lot of traders look at the M1 chart for potential entry or exit signals and also use the M15/M30 charts to identify trends, but here we primarily use the M5 and D1 only.  Is there a reason why using the other time-frames is discouraged?” Wrong way – “You should look for a green bar to close over the previous high on the M1 before entering Long.”


  1. While one does not have to be consistently profitable to give good advice, it sure does help.  So please, if you are not a profitable trader, try to keep the “advice” given to a minimum. 
  2. If you are not posting trades yourself, you can ask questions but do not comment or give advice to others. 
  3. Any technical questions should be addressed via the Help button and not in the chat room
  4. Any offensive or derogatory conduct is subject to immediate expulsion from the room. There is a one strike policy if we deem it necessary. Only a few members have been banned in the last 5 years. This is rare, but we will protect the community at all costs.
  5. Make sure all comments are constructive and in line with the teachings of this community.
  6. Don’t argue with the chat room leaders. They are here to help you to become a better trader. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated and a warning (restricted from posting for 15 minutes) could be issued. Continued abuse will result in being muted the remainder of the day.


Long: This means we bought to open. Entries are very important because we may want to join the trade. If we just used the word bought we would not know if that was a buy to cover a short or a buy to initiate the trade.

Short: This means we sold to open.

Bought for gain/loss: This means we are closing a short position we previously posted.

Sold for gain/loss: This means we are closing a long position we previously posted.

Bidding $X.XX: This means we trying to buy below the current price to close a short position. That price is our target.

Offering $X.XX: This means we are trying to sell above the current price to close a long position. That price is our target.

Stop: This is our stop price and the order has been entered. It is a “working order”.

Mental stop: This is a manual stop. It gives others an idea of where we plan to exit a current trade.

HOD: High of Day.

LOD: Low of Day.

M5: Five minute chart.

D1: Daily chart. We often reference this and it is a sign we would consider for a swing trade.

MA: Simple Moving Average. 200MA is the 200-day Moving Average.

Bullish Hammer: Candlestick pattern.

Bearish Hammer: Candlestick pattern.

Doji: Candlestick pattern.

Bullish/Bearish Engulf: Candlestick pattern.

PDS: Put debit spread (bearish).

PCS: Put credit spread (bullish).

CCS: Call credit spread (bearish).

CDS: Call debit spread (bullish).

OTM: Out of the money option.

ATM: At the money option.

ITM: In the money option.

Lotto calls/puts: Options that expire the same day.

ES: S&P 500 emini.

LPTE: Low probability trading environment.


These are the minimum characteristics required for an eligible bullish post. This is a low hurdle and high probability trades will meet far more criteria.

  1. The daily chart needs to have relative strength (RRS > 0).
  2. The stock should be greater than the prior day’s high.
  3. The 20-day average volume should be greater than 1 million shares.
  4. The stock price should be greater than $5.00.