As I continue to expand my blogging horizons, I have discovered other sites that provide great content. Early in my trading career I came to the realization that I will forever be a student of the market. I encourage you to develop as many resources as possible – you never know where you will find a useful piece of information. I will continually add new sites to my Trading Links so visit them often. I just got off the phone with an old friend and it is time I introduce you. Brian Shannon founded a research company called Alpha Trends. In addition to being a successful trader for 14 years, Brian is a talented educator. His systematic approach is primarily based on technical analysis. During the last few months, Brian has been producing instructional videos on a daily basis. They are very complete and the delivery makes it easy to follow along. He is also offering trading courses online. If you want to develop your technical analysis skills, visit Alpha Trends. The videos are free!

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