The only reason someone would spend the time and effort teaching trading is if they have a vested interest.

I am going to be brutally honest. Unless someone has a vested interest in your success to learn day trading online, they are not going to mentor you. This is why it is important to be self directed in your journey to learn day trading online.

The Risks

You can’t afford a great trader as a mentor. Every minute a great trader spends with you is a lost opportunity for them. Realize that the people who are charging $2000+ for a weekend session at the Holiday Inn are not the “real deal”. A great trader doesn’t need your $2000. These supposed gurus are fleecing you for something you can read in a book and you are not going to learn much in the course of a weekend. The same is true of canned online courses.

risks of learn day trading online
Novices encounter risks when trying to learn day trading online.

Prop shops will teach you the basics and impose a bunch of rules on your trading. Their goal is to keep you in the game so that they can charge you commissions for as long as possible. They only care about your success because they will have to fill your seat when you blow out. This isn’t the kind of aligned interests you’re looking for. It’s hard to find, which is why being self-directed in your trading education is so important.

Losing Their Edge

When a great trader teaches hundreds to learn day trading online, he gives his edge away and now he has to compete with you, every other trader he’s taught and every trader you might share the system with. It makes no sense for them to divulge his secrets and to share that wealth. This is why many often teach part of their trading secrets, but not all.

It’s difficult to complete the trading journey and to summit. It is mentally exhausting and a mentor has to relive the trials and tribulations all over. The constant questions wear you down. They are rehashed over and over again and some of them are ridiculous. The mentor pours his soul into it and ultimately the student trying to learn day trading online fails anyway. Given what he can make trading, it’s just not worth it. On that note, I only answer well-conceived questions where I know the person has put the effort into reading the wiki and The System.

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Is OneOption Different? Why I Teach Trading

My journey from a trader to becoming an educator and developer in the trading industry has been transformative. Initially I was drawn in by the allure of money and excitement of trading, yet I shifted gears, establishing OneOption in 2006 and began balancing trading, research reports, educational content creation, and software development, leading to the creation of Option Stalker Pro during the 2008 financial crisis. The platform’s evolution was driven by my quest for proprietary indicators and a specialized trading system not found elsewhere.

Maintaining this multifaceted approach is overwhelming. I faced a pivotal choice between continuing trading in isolation and dedicating efforts to educating and enhancing Option Stalker Pro for retail traders who want to learn day trading online. The latter path has presented challenges—dealing with customer support, managing expectations, and investing in continuous improvements. Despite the difficulties, I made the decision to forge ahead, driven by a desire to teach and innovate, albeit at a substantial personal investment of time, effort, and financial risk.

Juggling OneOption to help you learn day trading online
Juggling OneOption to help you learn day trading online

This shift towards teaching and software development is because of my commitment to leave a legacy in the trading world, share my knowledge, and build a community of successful traders aspiring to learn day trading online. This journey includes trials and tribulations from navigating the industry’s complexities while striving to create a platform and educational resources that empower aspiring traders.

Read more about why I do it in this article.

RealDayTrading & Hariseldon

During Covid-19, Hari found OneOption. He has incredible trading skills. He learned The System very quickly. This decision making process provided him with an Edge and he took his trading to new heights. In 30 years I have not seen anyone with his trading skills and generosity. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in a day.

Why would someone like Hari want to mentor you to learn day trading online when it might cost him his next great trade? Yet, he posts all of his trade logs with detail, he writes articles and he does live Twitter events. Stick very close to him while he is here, he is one of a kind. We feel very fortunate to be on this journey with him.

Don’t Trust Everyone

My parting message is this: Don’t trust anyone who wants to charge you money to teach you how to trade. They just want to fleece you for something you can read in a book. This journey to learn day trading online is one that you have to complete yourself. The real skills come from experience. You will learn a lot about yourself on this journey and you have to live it.

Great traders keep to themselves, they do not teach classes. They make more money trading than you could ever pay them. They fiercely protect their secrets and they work that edge as long as they can. If a large institution discovers it, they will exploit it until it is gone.

Society has bred a sense of entitlement. I owe you nothing. However, if I see you pouring your heart and soul into this and asking intelligent questions that tell me you’ve read the WIKI and The System, I will help you learn day trading online.

To Learn Day Trading Online requires intense study
To Learn Day Trading Online requires intense study

Our Unique Self-Directed Learning Approach

This System is the base of the pyramid. Even after you master it, the learning will never end. Your success will depend on your effort, creativity and discipline as you complete the top of the pyramid and make it your own.

Success doesn’t come from a one-size-fits-all course promising instant expertise. At OneOption, we understand the intricate nature of the markets and the necessity for self-directed learning. Trading is a challenging journey that demands continuous education and adaptability. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive set of resources that go beyond conventional teaching methods to help aspiring traders navigate the nuances to learn day trading online.

This is the cornerstone of our approach. We acknowledge that trading isn’t a skill learned overnight but an ongoing process requiring dedication and persistence. It involves taking responsibility for one’s learning journey, seeking knowledge, and actively applying it in real-time market scenarios. Instead of claiming to provide a magic formula, we empower traders to explore, analyze, and learn day trading online at their own pace.

Our trading resources are designed to facilitate this self-directed learning path:

The System: Advanced Trading Methodology

The System is an extensive library of advanced articles meticulously outlining our trading methodology. Covering in-depth market analysis, identification of relative strength and weakness in stocks, interpreting price action, leveraging options, and highlighting common trading pitfalls, this resource demands rigorous reading and re-reading. While it’s not as straightforward as traditional video courses, its depth and detail provide a robust foundation for understanding the intricacies of trading relative strength and weakness and learn day trading online.

Tutorial Videos: Practical Insights and Examples

For a more practical approach, our Tutorial Videos offer real-time examples of reading price action, executing specific strategies within the Relative Strength/Weakness framework, and effectively utilizing our proprietary trading tool, Option Stalker Pro. There are hours of videos here. They are timeless. These videos provide hands-on guidance, making complex concepts more accessible and actionable for aspiring traders looking to learn day trading online.

Chat Room Lessons: Expert Guidance and Discussion

Our laser-focused Chat Room serves as a hub for experienced and professional traders, offering invaluable advice and detailed discussions daily. Chat Room Lessons archives these interactions, allowing users to learn from seasoned traders’ insights. This resource enables traders to filter discussions based on categories and topics, providing a diverse range of perspectives and strategies to continuously learn day trading online.

Daily Market Analysis: Insightful Market Commentary

Finally, the Daily Market Analysis, where Pete’s expert commentary is juxtaposed with different intraday charts. This resource allows you to study market analysis across various conditions, offering a deep understanding of market dynamics over time. Consuming Daily Market Analyses requires commitment and time and the insights gained on analyzing the market like a seasoned professional are invaluable for those attempting to learn day trading online.

At OneOption, we recognize that to learn day trading online is an ongoing process that demands dedication and a multifaceted approach to learning. Our resources aim to empower traders to embrace the complexities of the market, and provide tools and insights necessary to navigate the dynamic world of trading relative strength and weakness.

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