Market Will Test the 100-Day MA – Free Two Week Trial – Real-time Scans and Forecast Before the Open

June 12, 2015
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

The market drifted down to the 100-day moving average the first few days of the week. Rumors of a Greek deal sparked short covering and we bounce off of support Wednesday. I told you yesterday that we would see more selling into the FOMC meeting next week and the S&P 500 is currently down 15 points. The price action is nothing but noise. Ideally, we will test the 200-day moving average next week and an excellent buying opportunity will present itself. If not, I will continue to use a "hit and run" strategy. I am trading low-priced stocks with unbelievable success. Look for nervous trading into the FOMC next Wednesday. Most of you read my blog on a daily basis and you know that I am not full of hot air. I want you to take advantage of an incredible offer that won't cost you a penny. In fact, it will save you tons of money. Step 1 OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH TRADIER BROKERAGE This process is fast and you can have it opened today. You don't have to fund the account. Tradier Brokerage will enable real-time quotes right when the account is opened. Step 2 TAKE THE TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL Sign-up for the two week Free Trial. You will have access to the 1Option Platform and the Scanner with real-time streaming quotes through Tradier Brokerage. This is the cornerstone to all of my research and you will find fantastic trading opportunities. If you act now, you can be using this today! I just launched the Tradier Brokerage interface this week and it cost me thousands of dollars to do it. I don't make one penny in commissions and I don't receive a penny in referral fees. I did this to save my customers money. If you like what you see, fund your Tradier Brokerage account and let them know you want to take advantage of the 1Option Special Offer. If you do 8 trades per month, Tradier Brokerage will pay for the platform. If you do 20 trades are month, they will pay for the platform and the scanner. Tradier Brokerage offers some of the LOWEST COMMISSIONS I'VE SEEN and chances are you will save ton of money. Again, it won't cost you a penny to open an account with Tradier Brokerage, you don't have to fund the account and you can take my two week Free Trial with real-time streaming quotes. In my comments I've told you that I am trading low-priced stocks. I invited all of you to my webinar Wednesday night and if you attended, you watched me use the platform and the scanner to find NPTN, SIGM, FENG and SUPN. These stocks were specifically highlighted in the webinar and I have been trading them in my chat room. I am up 10% on these stocks IN ONE DAY. If you registered for the webinar, you received a link to the recording. Watch it and you will see these stocks. I hope you take advantage of this no risk offer. Subscribers are making a killing and I would love to have you aboard. . . image

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