Top 5 Stocks Are Ready To Trade Right Now – Day Trade Using My List

May 24, 2016
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

FREE TRIAL - FOCUS ON THE TOP 5 STOCKS Posted 9:45 AM ET - Monday was one of the quietest trading days of the year. The S&P 500 had a four-point range most of the day and the action was dull from the start. We are in pre-holiday mode and we can expect similar price action the rest of the week. There isn't much to drive the market. The news is light and buyers and sellers are paired off. Earnings weren't great, but they were horrible either. Interest rates are low and in the absence of immediate credit concerns, buyers will support the market on any pullback. Last year we were trapped in a tight range from June through August and we are setting up for the summer doldrums. We really needed that break down last week and we didn't get it. You hear me talk about day trading every day. When the market has no trend this is a great way to consistently make money. I make 90% of my money in first two hours of the day. I have a very specific pattern that I look for and I have powerful searches that deliver these stocks to me in real-time. Last week I launched a day trading algorithm that scores day trades. The best stocks rise to the top of the list and I just trade the top 5. This has been golden. My chat room is filled with seasoned day traders and we post our entry and exit real-time. Every trade in the chat room fits the pattern so we know the basis for every trade. It has never been easier. If you are a day trader or an active swing trader, sign up for the one-week free trial. I don't ask for credit card, just a valid e-mail address. Once you register you will have access to my bullish and bearish lists. Focus on the top five. These stocks are ready to trade right now. Click a symbol and view real-time charts. You can also follow my trades in the chat room. This is a very quiet week. If you can make money in this dull market, you can make money in any environment. Take the free trial and I'll show you how we do it. . . image

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