The Market Is Dull – But This Is Exciting – 5 Stocks For Option Buyers

April 2, 2015
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

Last night I conducted a webinar and I highlighted 5 stocks that are ideal for option buying. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE RECORDING Posted 10:30 ET AM - The market is flopping around in pre-holiday trading. We are right in the middle of the trading range and we are right at the 100-day moving average. A big economic release will be posted tomorrow when the market is closed and stocks could go either way. This is a very low probability trading environment. Analysts are expecting 245,000 new jobs. Anything close to it will reignite tightening fears and the market will decline. I believe that February's number will be revised downward and that this release will come in below expectations. That would be bullish for the market and stocks will push higher into earnings season. That move should last a couple of weeks and the selling pressure will build as we challenge the upper end of the trading range. The price action is random and it makes no sense "to play in the middle". When we get a move to one extreme or the other, we have a trading opportunity. Keep your powder dry and let's see what next week brings. Look for very light choppy trading today. Happy Easter! . . image

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