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June 25, 2015
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE FREE TRIAL. When you log into the website go right to the chat room. You will be amazed at the money traders have bagged this morning. Posted 11:30 AM - Yesterday the market was down and today is up. Greece is the wildcard and the tone changes on a daily basis. The price action is simply following this saga. I believe Greece will find a way to kick the can down the road. Trading volumes will decline next week due to the holiday and the reaction to Thursday's jobs report should be muted. Earnings season will start in a couple of weeks and that will give us some individual stocks to trade. The next FOMC meeting is on July 29th. That will be the last one until September when everyone is expecting a rate hike. The picture I'm painting suggests a news vacuum and tight trading ranges for the next couple of months. There is nothing to drive the market. If Greece screws up and they can't find middle ground, the market will decline. This selloff is unlikely (less than 20% chance) and it would set up an excellent buying opportunity. Expect choppy market conditions within a tight range. If Greece strikes a deal, the all-time high will be challenged, but don't expect a massive breakout. Stocks will drift higher on light volume and the conviction will be low. These profits will be fragile and they could be quickly stripped away. I just launched a new stock search in my platform. The profits in the first few hours of trading this morning are unbelievable. Take the free trial and log on to the website. Visit the chat room and see for yourself. I’ve done at least 7 trades this morning without one loser and other subscribers are finding similar success. I'm focusing on low-priced stocks that are breaking out on high-volume after a period of consolidation. If the stock is on a buy signal the probability of success is extremely high. My new search finds these patterns instantly and this is been like shooting fish in a barrel. This system been years in the making. If you are an active trader, I suggest checking it out. You can CLICK HERE TO CHAT WITH MEduring market hours. . . image

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