How Does It Work?

Daily Bulletin

Start each day with market comments from our founder. Use these to guide your trading decisions.

SPY Header & Navigation

The first thing you will notice is the SPY header. As we say at OneOption, Market First! In Option Stalker, we’ve built this tenet into the app. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always have a view of the market: Green = Buy Signal, Red = Sell Signal, Blue Ring = Heavy Volume.

Move through different areas of Option Stalker with the bottom navigation: Charts, Search, Lists, and even Chat for those with an OS+Chat or Pro subscription.

Let's explore each of these.

Lists & Preconfigured Scanners

At the heart of Option Stalker are Lists, with the first section dedicated to OneOption’s preconfigured scanners. These are built using a collection of indicators, including OneOption's proprietary 1OP indicator and trade signals. Form your market bias with the SPY trade signals in the SPY header, then display relevant scanners using the more icon in the upper right. As we can see from the SPY header, the market is strong. Let’s find stocks with relative strength.

With a type selected, the list of OneOption scanners appears. Each are the result of years of research and testing and have been carefully selected for their inclusion Option Stalker. Continue on to view the results of one...

Scanner Example: PopBull

Here are the results of one favorite Swing scanner: PopBull. You can toggle Option Liquidity to refine lists further for stocks with high volume. Along with symbol names and price data, OneOption trade signals indicate stock strength or weakness for each timeframe. Click on any of the trade signals to view the chart.

Let's explore how to use charts & indicators to perfrom technical analysis and evaluate relative strength or weakness on Option Stalker.

Charts & Indicators

Charts are fed with IEX and BATS data by Intrinio. OneOption trade signals are in the upper right. These are also your timeframe selectors. The primary and secondary chart areas display price action and indicators. Swipe to alternate between OneOption's 1OP indicator and 1OSI & 1OVol.

Perform technical analysis with both line and candlestick charts. If your criteria are met, add the symbol to a watchlist. When finished, use the arrow to proceed to the next symbol in the list.

Custom Search

Filter stocks with unlimited variable combinations using Option Stalker's custom search engine. Click the plus to create a new search. We will search stocks with a bullish trade signal, strength vs SPY, and heavy volume to match the SPY header above.

Display the search results and click each symbol to analyze charts and save to watchlists as before. Clicking Lists in navigation returns you to your previously viewed search, list or scan. A second click takes you back to List Home.

Chat & Professional Community

Find additional picks in our Chat. Users with OS+Chat or Pro subscriptions will find the Chat Room conveniently accessible inside Option Stalker. Our community is close and wants you to succeed. Learn from them, especially the Featured Traders in red.

For app settings and other useful features, review the app Menu.


Option Stalker is designed for active stock and options traders. Quickly get your market bearings with our analysis and trade signals and find the best stocks using our powerful search engine. That is our goal.

We didn’t cram a thousand features into a tiny screen; your broker has already done that. We kept our interface clean so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your next trade. This guide will show you how to use Option Stalker.