How can I find high probability trading set ups?


In options trading, whether you are experienced or not, it all comes down to finding the best trading set ups possible. Just how you go about this will depend on your experience and the strategies you use. There are two main methods of finding the best set ups.

Method One: DIY

The best way to ensure a high percentage of great trading set ups is to stay on top of the market. You need to know what is going on if you expect to make informed decisions. That means checking the markets each morning, looking at all the factors that could affect the trading and following the ones that interest you. Look at the volumes for those markets over the past week, months, etc. Then develop your strategy based on the history and projected future.
This method takes time, a lot of it, and you’ll learn from experience, so expect lots of ups and downs as you pick it up.

Method Two: Mentored

If you simply don’t have the time to put into studying the market, yet still want to be successful in options trading, there is another option. Choosing a mentoring service that will provide you with the information necessary is a great way to get top quality information with very little time investment. You do need to be careful to select the right service, since some of them have never actually implemented the tactics they are promoting.

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