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With 1OP: A true Leading indicator for /ES and /NQ

Used over 20 years to identify institutional order flow.
The concept is simple… follow the money!

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View our library of charts showing 1OP on the S&P 500 and our minute-by-minute analysis.

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We provide daily premarket comments in the form of our Daily Bulletin. Get your market bearings every day.

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Insights and valuable discussions from the chat room are compiled in this learning tool of trading philosophy, strategy and psychology.


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Take Your Trading Further

With Our Proven System

We trade S&P 500 with our signals, but we have an added “edge” when we trade stock. With them, we are riding the fastest horse by following institutional money. Here’s how it works.

Market First

More than 75% of all stocks follow the market. This is the most important piece of the trading puzzle. We use our proprietary 1OP indicator and technical analysis to form our market opinion. That bias and our confidence in it drives all of our trading decisions.

Select Stocks

If our market bias is bullish we search for stocks that are breaking out on heavy volume. When the market dips, we filter out the fakes and we zero in on stocks that continue to move higher. Institutions are accumulating and we want to follow the smart money.

Options Last

When you get the market & stock right, you’ve solved 95% of the puzzle. You can trade almost any options strategy and make money. Before you start leveraging your capital, we suggest you master the first two steps with a win rate of ~75%. We'll teach you how.

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This system can be learned and all of us started right where you are now. We hope to have you on our team.

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What Members Say About Us

Peter and the other fantastic pro traders in the OneOption group have helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a profitable day trader. Their keen understanding of the market and no nonsense approach in the trading chat room together with the wiki have been invaluable. For me the most important aspects is the ability of the group leaders to cut the noise in the chatroom and their focus on the core principles of relative market strength/weakness.

To get the most of this group I would recommend following the chat room very closely as there is a wealth of knowledge and interpretation that can be found nowhere else. Since following this group and going through the educational material that Pete graciously provides I have a much more in-depth understanding of the markets. I still have a long way to go, but I fully trust that OneOption will lead me on this journey.

The OneOption trading chat is home to some of the top, most profitable day- and swing traders in the world. Some of them (Pete included) have decades of experience, and OneOption is their daily office. Working with Pete and the OneOption traders has transformed my trading. If you’re looking for a professional, work-focused environment to take you to the next level, or want to learn to trade from the best, there is no place I recommend more.

Pete and the OneOption system, including the Option Stalker platform elevated my trading to the next level. Before OneOption, I was a decent trader, but inconsistent. While my overall P&L was profitable one look at the wild swings told me that eventually, it would go red.

Pete’s method and resources (1OP indicator in particular) focused my trading and immediately started paying dividends. Profits were reliable month after month, and I was quickly equipped with a strategy that would work in any trading environment.  

Since joining OneOption I have not had a single month in the red, and do not foresee one in the future. During my time here I have worked with Pete, who is always working to improve his method and platform, in helping refine the offering.  

I give this community, especially the trading chat room, my highest possible recommendation. In a space filled with scams and amateurs, Pete has created a place where traders can actually learn a trade and get closer to that ultimate goal of financial independence. 

It definitely takes time and hard work to become consistently profitable in this business. Having Pete, a professional trader as my mentor is the best decision I ever made in my trading career. His market insights and his systematic approach help me improve my trading tremendously. In addition, there are great pro traders in this community that are always ready to help. I am so glad I found Pete.

OneOption has given me the framework and the foundation to truly begin my trading journey. I stumbled around with different strategies from August to December 2021. Once I committed to embracing OneOption and the strategy taught (January 2022), I believe the steep learning curve of day trading has been lessened.

The strategy and software are proven and utilized by the pro traders here every day. It has allowed me to focus on improving my bad habits and trading psychology issues instead of drowning in the sea of “strategies” out there. I am nowhere near where I’d like to be, but it’s been a blessing to find OneOption and the group of traders that contribute to it. I HIGHLY recommend.