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Good morning! When I don't have much to say, my comments will be brief. The more I write, the more room to have to interpret. This is a pretty straight forward pause in a bull market. It is time to...
Our best chance for good trading conditions today is on a breakdown below the low yesterday. We have a bearish 1OP cross pending, weakness overseas, a gap down and some weakness the last couple of days. I would be favoring...
If you are in "long only" mode, this means you sit on your hands. During the bearish cycle you are watching for signs of support. You want to see a long bullish hammer off of the low with green candles...
A sharp strong decline is less likely. We are seeing mixed overlapping candles near the lod from Tues. That does not mean we won't go lower, it just means we should not expect a big fast drop. If you are...
This is the move bulls were looking for and bears should put their wallets back in their pockets... for now.