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SPY below VWAP, the market easily took out the low from Friday, we saw selling pressure late in the day Fri, 1OP is still dropping and we have no visible signs of support. Yes we are resting here, but that...
Tiny bodied candles and a bullish 1OP cross. This is not a strong move lower. We should get a bounce in here.
We have most of this bullish cycle to run. We need to see some nice consecutive green candles and steady progress towards the hod. This is fine for starter longs, but we can't add until we see that. If the...
Market has not gone anywhere since the first 15 minutes of trading. Wimpy drop after the first 15 min and wimpy bounce off of the lod. 1OP still has a bullish cycle left to run. Higher low double bottom? Maybe,...
Nice early call. @Hariseldon: There is every indication that this will be a bearish trend day - the selling is consistent on the open  View