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This morning's comments are a lesson on how your market opinion and your confidence in it determine the options strategies you use. If you are only trading stock, in the compression breakout scenario you trade larger size and you use...
This system works. In a bullish market environment I spotted AAPL in our searches and it was a good short. All of the checkboxes (except for the market) were marked and I highlighted it in the live event yesterday. This...
We are an hour in. Very meager rally during this bullish cycle. Mixed tiny bodied candles indicate very little conviction. Now we have a long red engulfing candle off of the hod. I would respect it and let this bearish...
I will be out tomorrow. The market looks good. The news is light and into a 3-day weekend the volume will dry up. Buy dips. I am not expecting much of a reaction to PPI. The market shouldered the CPI...