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The market is not going anywhere so stocks like AMD and NVDA looked great for two bars and then they got hammered down. The market is telling us that we do not need to chase. 
Your best bet today will be the grinder that does not shoot higher early in the day. It gradually gets its footing. The lack of a big spike does not force us to chase and it leaves us with lots...
Our best chance for a decent move today will come right here. during the remainder of this bullish cycle we want to take out the high from Fri. If we can do that on the first shot and early in...
Regarding TLT, I have an alert line at the low from two weeks ago. If that is breached, bonds will be important to watch. 
This is what buying climaxes look like. There is no supply of stock and no one wants to sell. The market lifts off on light volume. Ride longs and watch for a bearish engulfing candle off of the M5 hod....