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Interesting fact. The US stock market accounts for 50% of the world's market cap. We have the liquidity and that is why we trade this market. 
The high from Mon is first resistance. If we are going to have a bullish day, we want a brief bid check that lasts less than an hour and then we want to attack the hod from Monday and blow...
No harm in letting this 1OP bear cycle run. If it produces we will have a much better entry point for longs. 
Still not seeing any reason to buy. That last green candle was erased immediately. We do have a bullish cycle starting. We need to get to VWAP with ease and I would prefer to do it with 3+ nice consecutive...
From my viewpoint, we just squandered a bullish cycle. The market was not able to get off of the deck and we barely poked at VWAP. I think this next bear cycle still has the potential to produce so I...