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Couple of stacked reds to start the day and we are in a bearish 1OP cycle. Let's see how much of yesterday's gains are given back. A wimpy light volume drop with mixed overlapping candles that preserves most of the...
So what do we know? There is support and we are not likely to give back a lot of the gains from yesterday. The bid check is probably complete after those 2 stacked greens. The volume is light and the...
The SPY has been making higher lows and we are testing the high of the day during the start of a bullish cycle. Still a very dull trading day, but I believe we are going to breakout. 
I like being long here. The bid check this morning did not take long to run (30 min). Since then we've been making higher lows and now we are trying to breakout. I also believe we will see some short...
We want this bullish cycle to last a few more bars and we want to distance ourselves from the $416.70.