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PRE-OPEN MARKET COMMENTS THURSDAY – The market is wedged between the 200-day MA and the 100-day MA. Running through the middle of that range is AVWAPQ. The market had a choppy downward sloping M5 channel yesterday that looks similar to...
Good morning! I will be around early to help you with the market price action. You know the first move we are looking for. Let's see if it sets up. The second move is the one I am not sure...
1OP bearish cycle and we are < prior low. I would favor the short side. We want to preserve the open of that red Key Bar. 
I would also like to see half of it preserved and then follow thru to the downside. The action so far has been pretty choppy
This is a choppy move lower that is similar in nature to yesterday's trading channel. I drew that channel in a chart yesterday and I would use it as a guide. It is still intact. Unless we see a selling...