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Bonds had a nice overnight bounce and that is helping the market.  So far XLF is holding the gain. Market is holding the gap up so far. Still no sense of market direction
Still too early to make a call on the market. We are seeing some wicks and the 1OP cycle finished without getting close to the hod from Thurs. I view that as slightly bearish.
This red bar formed when I was typing and we took out the lod. This is taking on a more bearish tone, but still too early. 
Our best scenario for the first move today is not for a move higher, it is for a move lower. For that reason, I would be more focused on shorts early. Find stocks that are drifting lower in an up...
If the bearish cycle runs without a market drop... then you can shift to the long side if the gap up is preserved. This is like a football game and each side will have the ball. When one side can't...