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PRE-OPEN MARKET COMMENTS FRIDAY – The SPY has broken out of the wedge formation after the FOMC statement Wednesday and the 100-day MA has been breached. This is a nice technical breakdown and it tells us to favor the short...
This was the bid check and we have a bullish 1OP cross. For a bounce we need to see a nice long green candle through the hod. 
I can't state this strongly enough. I am expecting a bounce and I would DAY trade it. Since that is a contra trend trade, I would use smaller size and I would set passive targets. When the move stalls, you...
That said, some of you are going to go overboard trading this bounce from the long side. 
Choppy grind higher. Mixed overlapping candles and we got the new hod. Sellers are not going to just disappear. We are likely to see a couple of nice bid checks (decent sized pullbacks) during the day. We want to see...