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So the market is dead flat to start the week. We have a bullish 1OP cross. I am not expecting a big drop this morning and we have a bullish market trend and a bullish cycle we can lean on....
Global markets were up slightly so more of a tailwind than a headwind
China was up 1.5% overnight. FXI had a nice D1 breakout last week so those stocks have a head of steam and room to run
If your opinion is that the market is going to be flat to higher this week (me), you can structure some short term trades based on that opinion. We do have a fair amount of news coming out this week,...
SPY did not challenge the hod and bearish 1OP cross. Nothing too daunting on LPTE. If you are in the right stock, know that you might have to weather a little storm during this bearish cycle. If you are looking...