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Very nice bounce off of the lod from Fri. Nice green candles. The volume is light and the dotted 1OP line is still heading down. Let it flatten out and see if we get a little pullback. It is still...
I like getting long here. That was a probe for support and it resulted in a nice bullish hammer. We have a nice bounce so far off of the lod and we have a bullish 1OP cycle to lean on.
I've had a number of bullish alerts go off, but the action has been pointing lower. I reset the alerts and I don't see a reason for taking any trades here given my desire to trade from the long side....
If you look at the VWAP you can see how SPY found resistance right at the 1SD this morning. Since then it has been riding the VWAP lower. These small bounces have been faded. Until we see a nice hard...