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PRE-OPEN MARKET COMMENTS FRIDAY – Buyers are in control and the market has added to the breakout from two weeks ago. We are seeing rotation into cyclical stocks and small caps and that is a sign of “risk on”.What should...
What do we know about gaps up to a new relative high like the one we are getting this morning? Bullish speculators with FOMO will pile in and these gaps up are often faded. After a nice rally the last...
FYI. Consumer Sentiment at 10 am ET. This is not typically a big market mover
Nice little round of profit taking. 4 red candles. Volume is good, but they have some retracement. Bearish 1OP cross pending and Consumer Sentiment in 10 minutes. Many of you taking overnight gains on the open - nice. No need...
This round of profit taking has taken 90 minutes to run and we are near the lod. This is a sign that there is some selling pressure at this level. I would like to see what a bearish cycle produces.