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We have to wait for the bid to be tested and confirmed. Once we go thru that process and support is established, you can get long. A bullish market opens near the low end of the daily range and it...
Bearish hammer off hod with a nice red candle to follow. 1OP spiking. If I were long overnights I would be taking gains. If you do not take gains, mentally prepare to take heat. If you are looking to enter...
This is a great time to find those strongest stocks. I like the long side, we just have to wait for a better entry point. THIS IS A PERFECT TIME TO SET ALERTS T-F. If the pullback does not last...
SPY making steady progress to the lod and some of this gap is going to fill. The number was inline and the market was prepared for a good result. 
The SPY found support in the middle of the gap and the selling pressure did not build. I view that as bullish. I would still like to see 1OP go < 0, but this might be as much of a...