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I've read through the overnight news and there is not anything material that will impact the market. Buyers are in control and once support is established, focus on the long side. Bull markets open on the low and close on...
1OP is still in a bearish cycle and we are testing the lod from Mon. Let's see what it can produce. We are inside of Friday's range and the volume has been light. No need to rush into trades. Lots...
1OP bullish cross. First candle was red and we probed below the lod from Mon. A few green candles after that and we have recovered half of the red candle. Volume is not great. Still early, but I would favor...
We don't often see IWM in the searches, but it is in Heavy Buying. This is a nice D1 breakout from a compression and it is a sign of "risk on".
Be careful not to chase what look to be great moves. You MUST have volume!!! AMD is a choppy stock. Nice stacked green candles, but the volume is very low. That means you can't trust the move. SPY volume is...