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This candle is already an omen. First two bars show a little selling. Third bar engulfs them. That is a sign that we have no momentum on the open. 
Wimpy bounce. Mixed overlapping candles. Could not fill half of the gap. Below prior low. Bearish 1OP cross. Sellers will take a shot. We need to blow thru the lod on the first attempt to have a shot at a...
Higher low double bottom and 1OP bearish cycle has completed. We have seen a bounce into the gap this morning and the selling pressure is not heavy. That should not change. I would favor longs based on what I see....
CRSP, PLTR, CVNA, NVAX. Do you see a common theme for many of the leaders today? Woof... the dogs are barking. 
Rotation into the laggards is typically a bearish sign at the high end of a range. All of the other stocks are exhausted so some cash starts to flow into the dogs.