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The first move of the day is a wimpy decline. I suspected there could be some profit taking after the light volume melt-up Fri. No need to jump the gun on this bullish cross, but I would be looking for...
1OP has run half of this bullish cycle without much movement in SPY. I like it when these cycles produce right away. Does this mean I need to bail on my bullish trades? No, but it does mean that you...
If we had heavy volume for SPY and we stacked a few nice long greens, then you could get more aggressive with your longs. As it stands right now, this looks like a very light volume "Inside Day". Until that...
I will keep an eye on the market and if I see something interesting I will post. Otherwise, I want to complete the article I am writing on the variables in the upper section of Custom Search. There are a...
I took 20 min out to look for some stocks. I did not see much that was of interest. All light volume moves. AMD is nice, but you have been on that one for a while. This could be the...