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In this light volume there are a couple of common scenarios that can unfold. The more typical one is a test of one extreme that hits resistance and then a test of the other extreme. The market moves back and...
The second scenario is a gradual drift in one direction. Today I believe that favors the upside. Sellers took a shot and the market found support Thurs and Fri. Now buyers will take a shot and there will be a...
This same process will continue and a wimpy light volume rally will result. It just keeps drifting higher and there will be moments where it looks like we are going to roll over and then we get the next leg...
We have the bearish 1OP cycle. Here's what to watch for. If this cycle is benign and there is little to no retracement and nothing organized, the next move will be up. If sellers can get something going, we will...
So for the drift higher scenario we want a bearish cycle that does not produce. If we compress near the hod we will eventually get that next leg up.