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We are getting a pretty nice little dip on 1OP without much market movement. We are still well off of the lod from Fri. I would consider this a wimpy move lower although it is more of a compression. Viewing...
That is what makes this market so hard to swing right now. Often the stocks that lead the move higher the previous day are the largest losers today. Stocks that have been pounded the previous day are the largest gainers....
So you watched this bullish cycle run without any market gain. In fact it was down. That tells you that this upcoming bear cycle could produce. The volume during the last two red bars was decent so there might be...
The market is in a low volume funk with an "Inside day". Bears want to see a nice long red candle to a new lod early in this bearish cycle. They want to get things cooking soon and they want...
I am liking what I see here. 1OP bearish cycle is more than half over. No market decline. Support has been steady and no new lod. I believe we are going to get a bounce on this bullish 1OP cycle....