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PRE-OPEN MARKET COMMENTS FRIDAY – The market has broken a down trendline, but not in a convincing manner. We want these breakouts to occur with long candles and heavy volume. We have neither. Core PCE came in at .3% and...
Some insights on light volume trends like this one. The big money is not participating to a large degree. They have what they want on. That is why the volume is light. There is no material change in the backdrop...
The market gapped up and it held the gains. Overseas markets were up so the backdrop is good. Right now we are digesting the early gains. The longer we sit right at the hod, the greater the chances that we...
This could be a very light volume rally. You are not going to see an explosive move higher. How do I know that? There are sellers, that is why we are not seeing stacked greens. The move up will have...
If you are looking for an early trade and you have a super strong stock, I think you can buy it here. The short side will be tough and it would take an exceptionally weak stock. More than likely, those...