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Mark As Read

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One of the best day trading patterns we can get is a Gap Reversal. We would need to see an early breach of the lod with nice stacked red candles. Once we are in the gap the selling pressure will...
Market is well above the MAs and the 100-day is first support. 50-day is resistance
A Gap N Go would be much harder to trade. It would force us to chase and it will run its course in an hour. Then the market will stall near the hod. Volume is light. For that reason I...
What should I look for? A weak stock that can't get off the deck. Remember PDD from yesterday? Weak post earn reaction. Market up huge this morning and the stock is barely higher. Now you watch it tick for tick...
If the market is able to hold the gap (lod) for the first 30 min, the chances for a gap reversal start to decrease. It is a sign that buyers are interested and that any attempt to knock the market...