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SPY volume is very light and these are tiny candles. You should be in defensive mode. The market is not likely to help or hinder, but the stock is going to have to do all the work today. Be very...
I've been flipping stocks for longs and shorts. I am not seeing anything of interest. In general, the stocks that have been pounded are the ones that are up today. The D1 charts are horribly weak so you are playing...
The 100-day MA has been providing resistance. This looks like a double top and 1OP has a bearish cross. Volume is light. I will see if I can find a decent short. Glad PTON worked out.
SLG good day trading short. Stock horribly weak D1. Tried to bounce today and gave back the gains. Rel Weak M5 on volume. Manhattans largest office landlord with 38 million square feet of office space and 88 buildings. Think they...
Commercial office occupancy rates for the 10 biggest cities in the US is 45%. I remember reading that a few months ago. Lots of office space for rent = lower rents/prices + rising interest rates are not good a good...