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Long Short BA March (17) $205/200 PCS for $1.00 credit. I like the price action today. The stock has been able to weather recent market selling and it is trying to breakout from a compression. The short strike is below the low...
I also believe that the intraday moves are very "noisy". We either swing back and forth on volume or we compress on light volume. In either case, we are flat. That means we need to incorporate longer term swing trades...
If you are bearish, sell OTM bearish call spreads on weak stocks and weight with that bias. If you are bullish, sell OTM bullish put spreads on strong stocks and weight with that bias. If you are neutral, you can...
Long ES 4152
Sorry for the late post. Too busy, but you knew what I wanted before it happened. GET LONG. This is a bullish gap reversal on volume and the "greens" are stacking. We could see a bullish trend day and we...