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1OP is spiking. We gapped down and we are trying to get in the gap. Since 1OP is close to a bearish cross I will outline what I would like to see. We have a long red bar to start...
We do have support at the lod from Tues. I would like to see a red candle thru the lod. That would get me short 1/2 position. The 50-day MA is at the lod from Tues. That support needs to...
So < $378.50 on a long red candle gets me mildly short. If we attack the lod from Tues and blow thru it, I would add to the position. If we inch down to it, I would take gains on...
The length of the candles so far is good so there should be movement. 
From a bullish standpoint, I would need time. The bear cycle would have to run without a new lod. If that were to happen the next bullish cross (45 min?) would need to attack the gap.