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Remember your mental mindset should be "this is going to be a dull day". That means you start off in defensive mode (not going to force trades). Only stacked consecutive candles with some height can change that mindset. 
1OP has a nice spike and it could roll over soon. We have a nice long red candle to start the day and the gap is filled. Let's see what if any follow thru we get on the bearish cycle. 
We have a bearish 1OP cross, but the blue (dotted) line is still rising. I prefer these crosses when the dotted line is flat 
Given the overseas markets, the after hours price action and the rally > 50-day MA yesterday I do have a slightly bullish bias today. I want to see a bearish cycle that holds SPY $380 and I would be looking...
Bearish 1OP cross and bearish hammer off of hod. Time to be careful with longs. I want to see half of long green candle fail, but probably will not short that given my bullish bias. I would need to see...