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st0rm wrote: I'm working on not being too down this morning for closing my SPY, BABA and other good puts early these last few days. I am so damn nervous of SPY moving unexpectectly back up (and maybe I should...
When you are in cash and you are bearish bounces are your friend. You can gauge the height and duration of the bounce. If it is wimpy and brief you can short it when it stalls and know that you...
The best set-up for bulls is an early drop that finds support and that recovers quickly. The best set-up for bears is that bullish specs are convinced that a cap low is in overnight and that they pile in. The...
I want to see what this M5 bullish cycle produces. If that was a cap low (and I do not believe it was) we will take out the hod with ease and keep going. For a cap low we need...
When those cap lows happen Asset Mgrs (long term portfolio mgrs) have to think, this is the last time I will be able to buy this low into year end. We need those longer term funds to flow in or...