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Bears want to see these attempts at a bounce keep getting hammered down. If this is a benign bullish cycle, the next bearish cross will be good. The long green candle was slapped down instantly and we have still not...
So far this price action is exactly what the bears want. Early in the day bearish specs will load up. The attempt to spark a short covering bounce failed and that is a sign that sellers are not letting the...
We should take out the lod here
If you were going to draw up the ideal cycle for bears, you just saw it. That instant reversal of that long green candle was a big clue. No short covering bounce tells us that institutions are keeping the pressure...
This is going to be a gradual drift lower today. It will test your patience because every time there is a move lower, it will retrace. Eventually, bulls will throw in the towel and the retracements will be smaller and...