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PRE-OPEN MARKET COMMENTS TUESDAY– Yesterday we saw heavy selling and the S&P 500 breached an upward sloping D1 trend line and horizontal support at $417.50. The market never came up for air and it closed on the low. Sellers were...
In the first 45 min they are trying to spark a market bounce. 1OP crossed back and now we wait to see if the bounce can continue or if it runs out of steam. I still feel that our best...
The bounce has been ok so far, but the candles are not stacked. I will be watching the half way point of the last long green candle. I would like to see that fail and then I would like to...
We barely bounced yesterday and that is why I felt the first move on the open might be a wimpy bounce. If the next bearish cycle produces nothing, it will confirm support and then I will shift gears to the...
1OP bearish cross pending and halfway point of green candle about to be tested.