Buy Tech Stocks – Watch For Rotation Into These Laggards

March 23, 2016
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

AVOID THIS DEATH TRAP - COMMON TRADING MISTAKE - PURE EDUCATION Posted 9:30 AM ET - Yesterday the market probed for support after the terrorist bombings in Belgium. Buyers scooped up shares and the dip was brief. Trading volumes are low in this holiday shortened environment. Make your money early and call it a day. As I mentioned in my comments yesterday, I plan to trade against any opening gaps. I bought stocks early and made money when we bounced. The market rallied after the Paris attacks and I suspected the decline would be brief Tuesday. We did not get much of a dip so I am not selling any bullish put spreads. Option premiums have been declining and I have to go too close to the money to get a decent credit. One little sniffle and these positions would be in trouble. Consequently, I am not utilizing this option trading strategy and I am sticking to day trading. Tech stocks (biotech in particular) look attractive. These laggards are catching a bid and I expect to see a rotation out of cyclicals and into tech. Flash PMI's will be posted tomorrow and that might spark a little action. China no longer posts a flash number so it is less significant than it used to be. Trading volumes will taper off after the first hour and Thursday should be a very quiet day. Reduce your trade count, trim your size, make money early and call it a day. Horizontal breakouts in the tech sector will provide some nice day trading opportunities. . . image

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