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May 27, 2016
Author: Peter Stolcers, Founder of OneOption

10 NEW DAY TRADING VIDEOS - WATCH THEM NOW The new videos are found at the top of the page. Scroll right to view them all. They will help you make money. Posted 9:30 AM ET - Please take time to honor those who have bravely fought for our freedom and for freedom around the world. Happy Memorial Day! The SPY is up against major resistance at $210. The bid is strong, but so is this resistance level. In light pre-holiday trading I don't believe we will breakout this week. Look for early movement and dull trading after two hours. Make your money early and call it a day. Memorial Day will suck the life out of the market next week and many traders will take extra time off. The jobs report should come in below 200K and that will keep the Fed on the sidelines on June 15. That could be the catalyst that pushes us through this resistance level. The market has been trapped in this trading range for two months. There is not a catalyst to push us in either direction so I'm not going to try and predict the wiggles and jiggles. I am just going to go with the flow and I will focus on day trading. If we breakout and there is follow through buying – great. I will embrace the move once it has been able to hold for a week. I just posted 10 videos on day trading. If you want to learn more about our method please view them using the link above. They will also help you is you are a swing trader. Look for an early move and flat trading the rest of the day. We will see similar price action tomorrow and $210 should remain. . . image

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