Option Stalker Pro knows every 20-day average volume for every five minute period for every stock. When we see something unusual we get an Explosion Alert pop-up on Option Stalker Pro. It means that there is incredibly heavy volume and a dramatic price change. If you recognize the symbol and it is a big company it will probably be a good one. When you see an alert for GOOG, EBAY or BIIB you know it will be good (all have been recent explosions). Large cap stocks are hard to move and this news is always material when it hits the wires. These alerts are so timely that we get in right when the move is happening. I like to look at a daily chart to see if the stock is through major horizontal resistance. If it is I like it even better. I go to the five minute chart and I want to see a long green candle on its high and I want it to hold. I like to click the Buy button and quickly drop the buy line at the current price. I don’t mess around with these. You have to buy them fast. If the move is not happening in 10 minutes I will get out. These are rockets most of the time.

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