No brokerage account is needed. If you want to test our searches and trade signals you can use Option Stalker. It has real-time data provided by Intrinio (not all exchanges). 

Option Stalker Pro has a version called ‘IEX’ that is perfect for after-hours research. During the day the IEX quotes in the lists and searches are near real-time and the search results are real-time. The IEX version does not have order entry and the daily/intraday charts are updated after the close of trading. If you are a swing trader who conducts after hours research you will not notice any difference.

If you are active during the day and you want to try Option Stalker Pro, we suggest opening an account with Tradier Brokerage. It has been our experience that they get the account open in 24 hours and they will turn the data on right away. You do NOT have to fund the account for 30 days. This will allow you to use Option Stalker Pro with real-time data during the free trial. If you like Tradier Brokerage, they have incredibly low commission rates ($10/month for unlimited stock and options trades).

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