My trading career started many moons ago when I had the option to choose between Google IPO or a mining stock and I’m thinking, hey the next BREX, so I went with that, which turned out to be nothing more than a backhoe and a dump truck. So a few years ago I got back into trading and found reddit which led me to AMC and GME and yes I made a few bucks not much but enough to think that I could do this. Then one day on r/WSB I see this guy HSheldon making fun of these guys and calling them idiots, and I’m like I gotta follow this guy which then led me to Pete at OneOption. I joined the chat room and found all these great traders and go for a 3 hour tour with the skipper too (Pete), Gilligan (Harry), a millionaire (Dave) and his wife, a MOOvie star, Professor1970 and the rest here on OneOption ( I hope you hum that song in your head while you read it). I started trading options so that was great until I found out that yes options can go to 0. Now I am back to trading one share and 1 contract getting the basics down, RS/RW I stick to stocks that have a good daily short or long because I usually get stuck in them so I’m OK. I am learning how to use 1OP and of course Market First, Market First, Market First!!

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